After Failed DOJ Lawsuit for Michael Brown, You Won’t Believe What Parents Are Trying Next

Michael Brown’s parents are the epitome of greed, selfishness, and stupidity. Besides what does Ferguson have left to give them? After decisions already handed down by the state and Department of Justice, this is clearly a textbook shakedown.


I say let this trial begin. But I would offer, that in the next few weeks, the business owners of the shops that were damaged or destroyed  file a civil suit against Brown’s parents. After all, the business owners have an open-and-shut case based on the video evidence.

We ask you to imagine if Brown’s parents would have put in one-tenth of the thought, time, effort, and energy into raising Michael Brown to be a decent human being and citizen, rather than become a thug and a menace to his community, this would have never happened.

So, let this one go, if the parents win, oh well. The injustice system at its worse. If they lose, oh well, the injustice system functioning normally.

Either way, win or lose, the business owners should sue the parents so that if they win or lose, the money from a win goes to the people who can demonstrate wrongful damage, but if they lose, then the parents will have to work the rest of their lives to pay it off. They deserve it after all. They did not raise Brown to be a responsible member of society.

THAT…..ladies and gentlemen, is how the parents of Michael Brown feel about him. Straight to a lawyer and straight to the bank.

Do you think Brown parents are justified or is this just another attempt to gain monies? Share this story and add your comments below.

H/T: Wochit

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