VIDEO: Ronald Reagan’s Son SLAMS Barack Obama – His Dad Would Be Proud!

J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV interviewed Michael Reagan (President Ronald Reagan’s son) to discuss the legacy of his father and Barack Obama’s disastrous administration. The differences between the two leaders couldn’t be more apparent.

As Reagan explained, his father was far more involved in what the White House was up to on a daily basis than Obama is today. Hayworth asked Reagan if he had advice for Obama:

President Obama has to stop trying to be everybody’s friend and be the Commander-in-Chief. Ronald Reagan was the Commander-in-Chief. He didn’t interest himself in being your friend, he interested himself on you respecting the United States of America.

Boom! Have you ever heard Obama’s failures so clearly defined? Reagan respected the office and the responsibilities he was elected to manage. Obama is still in campaign-celebrity mode, and we’re well into his 2nd term!

Reagan continued to slam Obama’s racial politics:

But, again, it goes back to, ‘does everybody like me?’ And it’s not about everybody liking him. You see how he feels about the military in general… You have three White House people at Michael Brown’s funeral, no White House people at the funeral of Maj. General Greene, the highest ranking general who was, in fact, murdered in Afghanistan about a week ago.

[For the president,] it’s all about politics. The president of the United States is the president of all the people. He’s not president of blacks, he’s not president of whites, he’s not president of Chinese – he’s the president of the United States – of all of her people, and I don’t think he will ever get it because he just doesn’t know how.

And about Obama’s foreign policy (or a lack thereof):

I think the President wants to go into Syria, but he wants the American people to rise up to force him to do it so he can blame it on America and others, ‘This is what you wanted. This is why I did it.’ That’s not leadership. That’s leading from behind, which he is very used to.

Just think how many millennials don’t remember what it was like to have Reagan in office. Thankfully, Michael Reagan is still around to explain to a younger audience just how important it is to never forget his father’s conservative legacy.

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