media bias

Snowden Reveals the Real Scandal Over Biden’s Classified Documents Nobody is Talking About

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has found two "real" scandals nobody is talking about when it comes to bombshell reports that…

3 weeks ago

New CNN CEO Chris Licht Discovers Liberals Are Uninformed

Growing up, the news was always a staple in my home. I have fond memories of discussing the local news…

1 month ago

New CNN CEO Lays Out Fresh Direction for Network – Does He Actually ‘Get it?’

Could it be that CNN is finally beginning to "get it?" Stranger things have happened, but then again we live…

3 months ago

CNN’s Don Lemon Demands Media Cover Republicans Differently: They Are A ‘Danger’ To Society

CNN primetime host Don Lemon is demanding the media cover Republicans differently than Democrats, suggesting they are a danger to…

7 months ago

The Media, Big Tech Take Joe Biden For A Stroll Down Easy Street

What a difference an administration makes. It seems like just yesterday that the media was spending all its time moaning…

2 years ago

Anyone That Doesn’t See The Mainstream Media Bias Is Unwilling To Look

I used to think the MSM was merely an arm of the Democrat Party, but they are more like a…

2 years ago

President Trump Rebukes Media Lies And Bumbling

The president takes on The New York Times.

3 years ago

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Faces Intense Backlash After Vowing To Get Trump Removed From Twitter

The "tolerant" Left's answer to everything is censorship and silencing of dissenting viewpoints.

3 years ago

Liberal Media Smears Keep Coming – President Trump Keeps Honoring His Oath

We've have never seen a man who is as patient, determined, and focused under fire as President Trump.

3 years ago

Senator Rubio Rips Press For Ghoulish Glee Over Coronavirus

He took down an MSNBC journo who tried to hit him on it.

3 years ago

President Trump Makes Press Look Foolish At Coronavirus Briefing

They won't stop attacking him through biased questions.

3 years ago

Chris Wallace Rips President Donald Trump: ‘He Has Done Everything He Can to Undercut the Media’

At posh press event this week, Fox News anchor made his thoughts known

3 years ago