media bias

CNN’s Don Lemon Demands Media Cover Republicans Differently: They Are A ‘Danger’ To Society

CNN primetime host Don Lemon is demanding the media cover Republicans differently than Democrats, suggesting they are a danger to…

3 months ago

The Media, Big Tech Take Joe Biden For A Stroll Down Easy Street

What a difference an administration makes. It seems like just yesterday that the media was spending all its time moaning…

1 year ago

Anyone That Doesn’t See The Mainstream Media Bias Is Unwilling To Look

I used to think the MSM was merely an arm of the Democrat Party, but they are more like a…

2 years ago

President Trump Rebukes Media Lies And Bumbling

The president takes on The New York Times.

2 years ago

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Faces Intense Backlash After Vowing To Get Trump Removed From Twitter

The "tolerant" Left's answer to everything is censorship and silencing of dissenting viewpoints.

2 years ago

Liberal Media Smears Keep Coming – President Trump Keeps Honoring His Oath

We've have never seen a man who is as patient, determined, and focused under fire as President Trump.

2 years ago

Senator Rubio Rips Press For Ghoulish Glee Over Coronavirus

He took down an MSNBC journo who tried to hit him on it.

2 years ago

President Trump Makes Press Look Foolish At Coronavirus Briefing

They won't stop attacking him through biased questions.

3 years ago

Chris Wallace Rips President Donald Trump: ‘He Has Done Everything He Can to Undercut the Media’

At posh press event this week, Fox News anchor made his thoughts known

3 years ago

COLLUSION: More Than 300 Newspapers Publish Anti-Trump Editorials About Trump’s War Against the Press

Back in 2017, The New York Times ran an infamous headline: "Trump Calls the News Media the ‘Enemy of the…

4 years ago

Starbucks Once Refused to Let A Cop Use The Restroom, No One Cared

A Starbucks once refused a police officer access to their restroom because he wasn't a paying customer, and to nobody's…

4 years ago

Flashback: How The Media Covered Stormy Daniels vs. Monica Lewinsky

CNN has been milking the "Stormy Daniels" story harder than they milked the missing Malaysian airline, but nobody seems to…

5 years ago