Snowden Reveals the Real Scandal Over Biden’s Classified Documents Nobody is Talking About

Edward Snowden has found two "real" scandals nobody is talking about when it comes to bombshell reports that President Biden had classified documents stored in two separate locations from his time as Vice President.
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NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has found two “real” scandals nobody is talking about when it comes to bombshell reports that President Biden had classified documents stored in two separate locations from his time as Vice President.

Well, nobody besides The Political Insider anyway.

Snowden, a man quite familiar with classified documents, downplayed the classified document findings in general, noting “they’ve all been doing it,” but pointed out the political advantage Biden was graced with by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in their handling of the matter.

“The real scandal isn’t that Biden had classified documents coming out of his socks, because sadly they’ve all been doing it,” he tweeted.

“The scandal is that the DOJ found out about it a week prior to the midterm elections and chose to suppress the story, conferring a partisan advantage,” added Snowden.

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Snowden Points Out Classified Documents Were Kept Quiet Before the Election

The Political Insider has pointed out multiple times how the DOJ managed to avoid leaking information about the classified documents to the media, and the media somehow didn’t find out about it – or maybe they did and didn’t reveal it – for several days prior to the midterms.

“Wouldn’t you know it,” one such report reads, “the classified documents were found in this office on November 2nd, six days before the midterm elections.”

Remind you of something? Say, for example, Hunter Biden’s laptop and the 2020 election?

Snowden also points out the two-tiered justice system in America. Wasn’t it Democrats who repeatedly reminded Americans over the past several years that ‘nobody’ is above the law?

Turns out, some actually are. A privileged few.

“Worth noting that the President seems to have absconded with more classified documents than many whistleblowers,” he said. “For comparison, Reality Winner was sentenced to 5 YEARS for just one document.”

“Meanwhile Biden, Trump, Clinton, Petraeus… these guys have dozens, hundreds. No jail.”

And there’s the rub. 

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Those Who Get Away With It, And Those Who Don’t

Snowden is one of the more famous whistleblowers, delivering revelations about the massive spying program at the National Security Agency and the U.S. government’s power, ability, and willingness to spy on innocent Americans in 2013.

Former President Donald Trump had considered a pardon for Snowden, but failed to issue one.

Reality Winner, the former government contractor who leaked confidential information to the media through her access at the NSA, was sentenced to five years and three months in federal prison.

For one document.

There are countless others who suffered far worse fates than say President Biden or former First Lady Hillary Clinton. (We’re not putting Trump in the same category because he had his home raided by the FBI and is currently facing criminal harassment from the DOJ).

Navy sailor Kristian Saucier allegedly used a cellphone camera to take photos in the classified engine room of the nuclear submarine where he worked as a mechanic, the USS Alexandria, then destroyed a laptop, camera, and memory card after learning he was under investigation.

He even tried using the ‘Hillary defense‘ to get out of his charges. Saucier was convicted of unauthorized retention of national defense information and sentenced to one year in prison in October 2016, but was later pardoned by Trump.

Donald Willis Keyser earned over a year in prison when in 2005 he “pled guilty to a three-count Criminal Information in which he admitted that he willfully and unlawfully removed classified documents and digital memory devices from the Department of State to his residence.”

United States Attorney Chuck Rosenberg stated Keyser’s “sentence of imprisonment is a warning to others in positions of public trust.”

Turns out, it wasn’t a warning at all.

“Yes, Trump and Biden and Hillary all mishandled classified documents,” Snowden writes.

“You could argue ‘who did it worse,’ or you can question if we really need a system that crushes ordinary workers who fall afoul of it while excusing the same ‘crimes’ if done by elites.”

A fair point, at any rate.

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