What a difference an administration makes. It seems like just yesterday that the media was spending all its time moaning and groaning about the latest Donald Trump tweet. And because of said tweets, they all needed safe spaces and a puppy because, well, he’s just so mean and orange and Republican!

Fast forward to the Joe Biden administration, or rather the Biden/Harris administration.

The media is now living by the words of another president. It was Gerald Ford who, after being sworn in as the 38th president of the United States following Watergate declared, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

That’s certainly how alleged journalists are feeling. Consider this headline from Mediaite: “White House Reporters ‘Rooting’ for Jen Psaki Gush About Her in Magazine Feature: ‘Professional, Pleasant, Lovely’”

The nightmare for journalists is over. For others? Well. 

And it’s not just Big Media that is holding Biden’s hand as the stroll down Easy Street.

In a recent report from Axios, it was pointed out that by continuing to ban former President Donald Trump from Facebook and other social media, President Joe Biden has received the gift that keeps on giving.

Axios argues, correctly in my view, that Big Tech silencing the one person that would undoubtedly be his harshest critic, Biden can get things like the COVID relief bill, American Families, American Jobs and Infrastructure plans out in front of the American people without Donald Trump coming along and messing the whole thing up for him.

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Biden Gets Three Lucky Breaks

Biden’s lucky breaks came long before the media began openly rooting for him, and before Trump was silenced by a handful of Silicon Valley executives.

Axios also points out that the COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh on a whole bunch of things that might be considered traditional campaigning during the 2020 campaign season.

That means no kissing babies, no hair sniffing, the list goes on and on. For a guy that is well, prone to gaffes shall we say, coronavirus might just have been an in-kind donation from the campaign gods.

The Biden team made no bones about it, either.

In a book released in early March written by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and NBC News’ Jonathan Allen entitled, “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency”, a quote near the end of a chapter called “Its All Turning”, senior Biden advisor Anita Dunn states, “COVID is the best thing that ever happened to him.”

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Biden’s Daily In-Kind Contribution From The Media

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appears to be the media’s new crush.

The aforementioned Mediaite article reports that the white House press corps feel as though they are in the “awkward position of rooting” for Psaki when it is their job to challenge her and ask tough questions.

New York Times White House Correspondent Peter Baker commented that, “She’s a pro, you know?”

No Peter, how is she a pro? Is she a pro because she doesn’t work for Donald Trump? Do tell.

Another white House reporter anonymously stated that, “She’s like any other competent, professional, pleasant, lovely press person from any other era.” Translation, an era other than the Trump era.

Additional translation: she’s one of us, and agrees with us on everything.

The same reporter added that Psaki has a “sunny demeanor” that made reporters “feel good about their interactions.”

It goes entirely without saying that these kinds of people are not going to hold the most powerful person on the planet accountable. Or even ask tough questions. 

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The Spector Of Trump

While it is usually customary for former presidents to not comment on the actions of their predecessors, Barack Obama broke that rule on more than one occasion, and the media was OK with it.

But we all know that there is a whole other set of rules for Donald Trump.

With Trump persona non grata for social media giants, there are no Trump opinions for the Biden White House to have to deal with. 

With a pliant media gushing over Biden’s press secretary, there are no hard questions for the Biden White House to have to deal with. 

Welcome to Easy Street, Joe.


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