Jemele Hill

Report: Just Days After Launching, CNN+ Subscription Service Already Bracing For Layoffs?

Just days after launching CNN+, the cable news network is already facing reports that there are layoffs coming for its…

2 months ago

Newly Elected Winsome Sears Challenges MSNBC’s Joy Reid To Debate After ‘White Supremacy’ Comments

Winsome Sears, who will become the first black woman to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor in the Commonwealth of…

6 months ago

‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Uses MLK To Shame Trump Supporters – You ‘Enabled A Racist President’

During yesterday's national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Sunny Hostin shamelessly used the late civil rights icon to shame…

1 year ago

Ex-ESPN Host Jemele Hill Says ‘White People’ Are To Blame If Trump Gets Re-Elected

At the time of this writing the presidential race has not been decided, but former ESPN host Jemele Hill said…

2 years ago

Jemele Hill Tells Black Athletes To Stop ‘Entertaining’ America

Former ESPN host and current writer for The Atlantic, Jemele Hill called on black athletes to stop "entertaining" America because this…

2 years ago

Jemele Hill Claims ‘Nazi Germany’ Learned From ‘Watching America’ – Immediately Gets Shut Down

Former ESPN host and current The Atlantic correspondent Jemele Hill took to Twitter on Sunday to outrageously claim that the…

2 years ago

Radical Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush Accuses President Trump Of Wanting ‘Race War’

Ironically, as a Black Panther, Bobby Rush actually tried to start one.

2 years ago

Former ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Makes Assassination Reference During State of the Union

Former ESPN anchor and current columnist for 'The Atlantic' Jemele Hill made an assassination reference during President Trump's State of the…

3 years ago

Jemele Hill Taken Off ESPN’s SportsCenter

Did ESPN finally come to its senses? Jemele Hill will be leaving her position at SportsCenter to anchor another show…

4 years ago

Trump To ESPN: Apologize For Untruth!

Phillip Stucky on September 15, 2017 President Donald Trump demanded an apology from ESPN Friday morning after host Jemele Hill called…

5 years ago

ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Calls President Trump a White Supremacist

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called President Trump "a white supremacist" on social media, adding that his supporters are 'largely other…

5 years ago