Ex-ESPN Host Jemele Hill Says ‘White People’ Are To Blame If Trump Gets Re-Elected

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At the time of this writing the presidential race has not been decided, but former ESPN host Jemele Hill said that if Donald Trump is re-elected, she is blaming “white people.”

Hill has long been a harsh critic of the President.

Election night was no different.

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2020 Exit Polls Showed President Trump Improving With Minorities

The problem for Hill? It wasn’t just white people who were getting behind Trump.

In fact, exit polls Tuesday showed less white people were supporting Trump than in 2016, and more minorities were.

Trump was up with Hispanics.

Trump was up with black voters – and slightly down with… white men.


Trump Did Better With Black Voters Than Most Republican Presidential Candidates

President Trump got more of the black vote in 2016 than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

Some of these exit polls indicate that Trump might build on that success in 2020.

Which flies in the face of the narratives spun by people like Jemele Hill.

The endless drumbeat that this President is racist is not reflected in the votes he gets from minorities, which have been more than recent Republican candidates in presidential elections.

Trump ‘Doesn’t Get Enough Credit’

The 2020 presidential election has been fought largely within the “woke” Democratic context of social justice and the Republicans fighting back against out-of-control political correctness.

President Trump has no fear of being politically incorrect.

But he also has no fear of doing minority outreach, touting record unemployment for blacks and Hispanics, passing major criminal justice reform legislation, and reaching out to hip-hop artists like Ice Cube and Lil Wayne in the last weeks of the election to promote his “Platinum Plam,” intended to help minority communities economically.

In October, CNN’s Van Jones found himself in hot water with the left for saying  Trump “doesn’t get enough credit” and that he does “good stuff he has done for the black community.


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Trump has done good things – for the black community and other non-white communities.

Kudos to Van Jones for saying so.

And shame on Jemele Hill for refusing to hear it.

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