Jemele Hill Taken Off ESPN’s SportsCenter

jemele hill

Did ESPN finally come to its senses?

Jemele Hill will be leaving her position at SportsCenter to anchor another show on ESPN that focuses on the intersection of sports and race. The news was just announced.

The New York Post reports,

Jemele Hill will depart “SportsCenter” to join ESPN’s The Undefeated, Sports Illustrated reported Friday morning.

Under the ESPN umbrella, The Undefeated focuses on the intertwining of sports, culture and race. Hill’s departure date is allegedly Friday, Feb. 2, per the Hollywood Reporter.

Hill was recently in hot water for calling President Trump a “white supremacist.” She was later suspended for calling for a boycott of the Dallas Cowboy’s advertisers, but was reinstated not long after.

Many saw this as plain evidence of anti-Trump bias at the sports network, which has been increasingly willing to allow anchors to spout off their political opinions rather than commentate on sports.

This new approach to sports broadcasting hasn’t been a gift for the network’s ratings. In fact, in the midst of the “taking a knee” protest in the NFL last year, ESPN suffered mightily for their acceptance of the anti-American protest. Ratings took a big hit, and the network actually announced it was laying off over 100 employees just before Christmas.

Some suspect that Hill’s departure comes after a precipitous drop in the show’s ratings:

It’s not a stretch to say that ESPN’s decision to move Hill may have been influenced by ratings, which, in turn, have been influenced by the network’s willingness to abide by more political anchors.

This isn’t hard: People watch sports news to get up-to-date on their favorite teams, leagues, and players. Only the most pathologically obsessed liberals want their sports news with a hefty dose of political moralizing.

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