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retired military foreign governments
October 19, 2022
More than 500 retired service members, including a fair amount of Generals and Admirals, have worked in foreign governments since 2015.
November 24, 2020
Donald Trump’s former Secretary of Defense James Mattis says that a President Joe Biden must “eliminate ‘America first’” from foreign policy.
Trump Mattis
September 10, 2020
James Mattis reportedly once said that “collective action” might be needed to thwart President Donald Trump’s “dangerous” actions. 
Mattis Trump
June 5, 2020
Retired Marine Captain John M. Dowd just fired back at former Secretary of Defense James Mattis days after he betrayed President Donald Trump.
Mattis Trump
June 4, 2020
Former Defense Secretary James Mattis, a man formerly revered by conservatives and the military, penned a low personal blow against Donald Trump.
October 18, 2019
Former Defense Secretary James Mattis took repeated shots at President Donald Trump during the annual Al Smith Memorial Foundation dinner Thursday night.
October 25, 2018
Secretary of Defense James Mattis is set to order hundreds troops to the southern border to head off the caravan […]
October 16, 2018
Evie Fordham | Politics and Health Care Reporter Defense Secretary James Mattis discussed his political affiliation during a flight to […]
mattis make wish
April 2, 2018
Secretary of Defense James Mattis is best known for two things: his nickname ‘Mad Dog,” and his blunt aphorisms about the need to ruthlessly kill your enemy in war.
james mattis military parade
February 9, 2018
On Thursday, MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson attempted to set a trap for Defense Secretary General James Mattis with a question about President Donald Trump’s proposed military parade. However, Mattis promptly and eloquently shot her down.
mattis Indonesia
January 24, 2018
With drums banging in the background, the Kopassus — Indonesian special forces — smashed bricks with their heads, rolled over glass, leaped through fire, and drank the blood of snakes in a demonstration for their guest of honor.
james mattis fire fury
January 9, 2018
James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis was asked by a reporter about Michael Wolff’s new trashy gossip novel, ‘Fire and Fury,’ and the Defense Secretary’s response was straight fire.