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Bill Maher Asks ‘If Putin Thought Trump Was Really That Supportive’ Then ‘Why Didn’t He Invade When Trump Was In Office?’
March 12, 2022
Bill Maher criticized people who have attempted to make the Russian invasion of Ukraine about their dislike of former President…
Hawley Says Joe Biden ‘Enthralled To The Environmentalist Wackos Who Don’t Care About American Strength’
March 2, 2022
Hawley said that Russia was able to invade Ukraine because President Joe Biden had driven up the price of oil…
Clinton To Maddow: Biden Doing A ‘Remarkable’ Job Rallying The World Against Putin
March 2, 2022
Hillary Clinton said that President Joe Biden was doing a “remarkable” job rallying the world against Russian President Vladimir Putin…
Politico Argues That Since Presidents’ Day Includes Trump, It Should Be 'Canceled'
February 25, 2022
On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump said he knew that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to take Ukraine.
October 7, 2019
Donald Trump tweeted that if Turkey does anything that is considered “to be off limits,” he “will totally destroy and…