MSNBC’s Joy Reid Says Unvaxxed Americans Should ‘Pay More’

After MSNBC medical contributor Dr. Lipi Roy recently suggested that unvaccinated Americans should be placed on a separate triage list…

6 months ago

San Fran Hospital Now Bringing Back COVID-Positive Staff Due To Staffing Shortage

As Americans are being told that the nation's hospitals are being overwhelmed due to a surge in COVID-19 patients, in…

6 months ago

MSNBC’s Scarborough Insults People Who Aren’t Vaccinated

On Friday morning's episode of the MSNBC talk show "Morning Joe," host Joe Scarborough once again went off on a…

11 months ago

Rand Paul Says He Won’t Get Vaccinated Because He’s Already Had COVID

On Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul made headlines when he said he will not be getting a COVID-19 vaccine because he…

1 year ago

Elon Musk Goes After CNN For Posting Fake News

Elon Musk attacked CNN for posting fake news claiming he had not delivered on his promise to produce ventilators for…

2 years ago

Tucker Carlson: Still ‘Taboo’ To Discuss Returning To Normal Even With ‘Receding’ Coronavirus Numbers

Speaking on his show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted that as the coronavirus appears to recede, it's still "taboo"…

2 years ago

Trump Campaign Donating Meals To First Responders

They are buying meals for doctors and nurses in hospitals.

2 years ago

Planned Parenthood Sues Texas to Continue Abortions Through Coronavirus Outbreak

Planned Parenthood is currently suing Texas Governor Greg Abbott to try and overturn his temporary halt on abortions during the…

2 years ago

Hillary: Trump ‘Failing To Lead’ On Coronavirus Outbreak By Not Increasing Medical Supplies

Failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is criticizing President Donald Trump for his approach to the coronavirus outbreak, offering…

2 years ago

As Mainstream Media Ignores, Here’s How Bad Socialism Really Is in Venezuela

Most Americans are aware of the political and social chaos that has engulfed Venezuela, but how often do we hear…

3 years ago