Tucker Carlson: Still ‘Taboo’ To Discuss Returning To Normal Even With ‘Receding’ Coronavirus Numbers

Tucker Carlson Coronavirus

Speaking on his show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted that as the coronavirus appears to recede, it’s still “taboo” to talk about returning to normal.

Carlson: “It’s Time to Look Ahead”

Tucker Carlson began a monologue on Tuesday night’s edition of his Fox News show by noting that the real numbers of deaths and hospitalizations due the coronavirus epidemic are much lower than epidemiologists predicted. Some in the press have argued this was due to the social distancing measures, but these had been inputted into the equations.

Carlson posited a number of theories as to why the numbers were lower than expected – the virus could be infecting fewer people, or it could be infecting more but more people are asymptomatic, or perhaps Americans are following social distancing much better than anticipated.

“Whatever’s happening, this epidemic appears to be doing less damage than anticipated and it’s receding more quickly,” he said. “Our healthcare system hasn’t collapsed – that was the key concern.”

“All of this means that the short-term crisis, the one that we were worried about fervently, in which the pressure on hospitals grew so exponentially day by day with no end in site, that short-term crisis may have passed,” Carlson said, adding that “now it’s time to look ahead” to moving back to normal.

“If the virus is doing less systemic damage to our system than expected, then presumably we can begin to consider how to improve the lives of the countless Americans who’ve been grievously hurt by this, by our response to this. How do we get 17 million of our most vulnerable citizens back to work? That’s the task,” he continued.

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We Need More Voices Like Tucker

A number of other countries who have been proportionally hit the same amount as America, are already moving back towards normality, such as Denmark and Austria, Carlson argued. Denmark has scheduled schools and daycares to open again next week, with more restrictions to be rolled back on May 10th, and Austria will allow small businesses to open up again on April 14th, followed by large stores on May 1st, with restaurants and schools in the middle of May.

However, Americans aren’t allowed to even “talk about doing this,” Carlson argued, adding that “any discussion of how we might transition out of the shutdown back into normal life for some reason has become taboo in this country:”

Go ahead and raise the question. You’ll find yourself denounced as a tool of Wall Street who doesn’t care about human life – often denounced by pro-choice activists who are happy to accept cash from corporate America. The layers of irony are of course bottomless. But we shouldn’t be surprised by it. This is what happens when public debate, healthy public debate, is replaced by memes, and mindless partisans on social media define the terms of allowable conversion, as they have. And so we plod forward, as if the flawed models weren’t flawed at all — as if the reality of what’s actually happening in our hospitals should play no role at all in the decisions we make going forward.

Carlson noted the “conventional wisdom” put forward by Dr Fauci and others says we may never return to normal, or millions may die. But this is the same rhetoric we hear in Washington all the time.

“These are smart people, and we should hear them out. But these are also big decisions – history changing decisions with consequences we can’t even begin to anticipate this far out,” Carlson argued. “Before we begin to alter our lives and our country forever, it is fair to ask about the numbers.”

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We need more sensible voices like Tucker Carlson talking about the coronavirus right now. Moderate, rational debate about when to end the lockdown is absolutely necessary, and not scaremongering. This cannot go on forever, and it must not either.

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