Speaking on Monday, Tucker Carlson highlighted that Democrats want to bailout immigrants before protecting American workers from the coronavirus crisis

Carlson: “Democrats Want to Make Sure the People Replacing You are Secure and Happy”

Carlson attacked the provisions that Nancy Pelosi put into the House version of the coronavirus relief bill that protected foreign nationals while American workers are facing “the most profound employment crisis” that anyone living has seen. The legislation would allow H-1B visa workers to stay longer than would usually be allowed, keep millions of foreign workers in the US when unemployment is spiking, and give assistance to the tech companies that replaced their workers with ones from China and India.

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“The House version of the bill includes special provisions, for real, to protect foreign nationals working here in the US. So we’re staring down the barrel of the most profound employment crisis of our lifetime, that’s not an exaggeration, and what are Democrats doing?” Carlson asked. “They’re trying to automatically renew visas and work permits for all immigrants here in the U.S. because their jobs are very important, way more important than yours,” he continued, adding that “Democrats want to make sure that the people replacing you are secure and happy. The whole thing defies belief and that’s not a partisan observation, again, read it.”

Shut Down All Immigration Now!

In contrast, Fox News host Laura Ingraham called for a complete halt to all immigration in order to ease the unemployment problems.

“All immigration to the US should be halted due to this national emergency—we sure as heck don’t need any foreign workers with millions of Americans on verge of losing their jobs,” Ingraham tweeted. “All foreign worker visas must be stopped.”

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There have been some sensible bills introduced in Congress recently, in contrast to the Democrat coronavirus funding bill. Representative Matt Gaetz introduced the “No CHINA (Chinese Handouts In National Assistance) Act,” which would block any business that is owned by the Chinese government from getting any funds from the coronavirus bailout before Americans do.

“Every single American worker displaced by COVID-19 should be fully compensated, before one nickel from our treasury goes to Chinese-owned corporations operating here in the United States. Full stop,” Gaetz said.

If we had more people like Carlson, Ingraham and Gaetz in Congress, as opposed to Pelosi and Schumer, I have a feeling this coronavirus pandemic would not have the same effect on the American people and economy.