MSNBC’s Scarborough Insults People Who Aren’t Vaccinated


On Friday morning’s episode of the MSNBC talk show “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough once again went off on a rant against Americans who are still unvaccinated against COVID-19.

Scarborough began by claiming that he has family and friends who send him conspiracy theories from “Chinese religious cults” and other websites which question the facts of the number of coronavirus cases. He then said that those who don’t trust the facts about coronavirus “have the right to be an idiot.”

Scarborough Sounds Off

“‘Are they really the facts?’ That’s what I get when I have family members and friends sending me information from Chinese religious cults, from their websites and their conspiracy theories,” Scarborough claimed. “And you send them back facts — and by the way, I’m not sending them facts from an MSNBC website, I’ll send them facts from a Fox News website or the AP or The Wall Street Journal.”

“And I’ll say, ‘This is Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, and this is what they say.’ ‘Are they, though? Are those really the facts? Are those really the numbers? Oh, people, they didn’t die. All those people didn’t die. Doctors got paid for saying that somebody died of COVID,'” he continued. “I’ve just got to say, the idiocy.”

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Scarborough Doubles Down

“And, again, everybody is entitled in this country to be an idiot,” Scarborough stated. “If you want to be an idiot, you know, it’s not what I’d do, but if you choose to be an idiot about your personal health and the personal health of your children and the personal health of your family, the personal health of your mother and grandmother and father and grandfather, that’s your business, your community, that’s fine.”

“That’s your business,” the MSNBC host added. “But hospitals don’t have to hire you. The Washington Post doesn’t have to hire you. News outlets don’t have to hire you. Banks don’t have to hire you. Small businesses don’t have to. Restaurants don’t have to hire you.”

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“So, you have the right to be an idiot,” he concluded. “I want you to know that. You have a right to deny science. You have a right to practice voodoo medicine if you choose. That’s your choice.”

This piece was written by James Samson on July 30, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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