On Monday morning’s episode of his MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough called on President Joe Biden to force public school teachers to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

While Scarborough admitted that it is a “tough choice,” he argued that making kids stay home last year was “absolutely devastating” for the children, especially the “truly disadvantaged.”

Scarborough Sounds Off

“[M]ika, he does need to make the tough choice right now,” he told his wife and cohost Mika Brzezinski. “Joe Biden needs to make the tough choice right now. And he needs to start in his own political backyard, and he needs to tell the teachers’ union that he’s going to require every public health care person to get it but also … every public school teacher needs to be vaccinated.”

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“If you remember last year, they kept saying we can’t go back to school. Earlier this year — we can’t go back to school until we’re all vaccinated,” he added, according to The Hill. “That’s all we heard. Right? OK. Well, we have the vaccinations now.”

“Starting to hear some rumblings … maybe we can’t go back to school this fall because it’s not — no. No. No. No,” Scarborough continued. “That’s not an option. That’s not an option. Our kids stayed home last year, and the results were absolutely devastating, even more devastating for the truly disadvantaged.”

Scarborough Doubles Down

“We have the vaccines, and the President of the United States needs to say, ‘If you are a public school teacher or you teach at a public university, as a condition of your job you have to get vaccinated,” he said. “We are not closing schools this fall. Children will not be staying at home this fall looking at Zoom classes.”

“They’re going to be in because their teachers are going to be vaccinated,'” Scarborough concluded. “That’s where Joe Biden needs to start. He needs to start there today.”

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Scarborough also wants healthcare workers to get vaccinated, if they haven’t already.

“Here we are six months later, and I’m seeing statistics that 40, 45 percent of health care workers in nursing homes aren’t vaccinated,” he said. “Are you kidding me? You’re putting the lives of senior citizens at risk?”

This piece was written by James Samson on July 26, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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