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Congress Spends $3.6M on Michelle Obama Trail in GA

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearWire As part of the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill passed in December, Congressman Hank Johnson…

2 months ago

Democrat Hank Johnson Compares Concerned Parents at School Board Meetings to January 6 Rioters

Representative Hank Johnson scorned parents protesting at local school boards as "MAGA Republicans" and compared them to violent rioters during…

6 months ago

Another Democrat Rep. Arrested By Capitol Police For Protest At Senate Office Building

Democrat Representative Hank Johnson was arrested by Capitol police Thursday during a protest to pressure Congress to eliminate the filibuster…

2 years ago

Kevin McCarthy Rips Democrats For Court-Packing Push – ‘Should Scare Every American’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke out on Thursday to slam Democrats and warn of repercussions for their proposal to…

2 years ago

Mitch McConnell Blasts Democrats For Court-Packing Threats – Calls It ‘Hostage-Taking’ Effort

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spoke out on Thursday to slam the efforts being made by some Democrats to…

2 years ago

Democrats Move To Introduce Legislation To Pack The Supreme Court

House Democrats are reportedly set to introduce legislation Thursday that would, according to Fox News, be an attempted "hostile" takeover…

2 years ago

AOC Hit By Left-Wing Paper For Voting Against Trump Bill

She wanted socialism in the measure. She didn't get it.

3 years ago

White House Slams Democrat Hank Johnson After He Openly Imagines Trump Kidnapping Leader’s Daughter

The White House fired back after Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson used Thursday's impeachment hearings to argue that the President is…

3 years ago

Impeachment Hearing Goes Off The Rails As GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Brings Up Hunter Biden’s Drug Past

The House Judiciary Committee's impeachment proceedings became intensely personal Thursday when Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz brought up Hunter Biden’s admitted past…

3 years ago

Omar Proudly Says ‘I’m Only Controversial Because People Seem to Want the Controversy’

Rep. Ilhan Omar appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Sunday morning and dismissed her controversial comments about the U.S. border…

4 years ago