The White House fired back after Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson used Thursday’s impeachment hearings to argue that the President is too tall, then openly fantasizing about a scenario in which Trump kidnapped and duct-taped the daughter of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Bizarre Incident

The bizarre incident occurred when Johnson spoke at the Democrats’ impeachment hearing on the House Judiciary Committee.

“I’ll tell you that brings to mind the picture of President Trump and President Zelensky meeting in New York in September at the U.N. and a big chair for President Trump, little chair for President Zelensky,” Johnson claimed without evidence.

“Big, six-foot-four President Trump, five-foot-eleven President Zelensky. And they’re standing there, President Trump is holding court, and he says, ‘Oh, by the way, no pressure,'” Johnson went on.

“And you saw President Zelensky shaking his head as if his daughter was downstairs in the basement, duct-taped.”

Zelensky’s daughter is a teenager.

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White House Fires Back

The White House fired back at Johnson by posting a clip of Johnson’s ridiculous assertion adding, “Democrats want to impeach the President for [checks notes] being too tall.”

They followed that up by posting a photo of both world leaders sitting in the exact same sized chairs during their meeting.

Johnson’s fabrication of events during a House hearing is no different than Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, completely making up quotes from the conversation between Trump and Zelensky to portray the President as some sort of mobster.

Schiff at the time defended his actions by claiming he was just executing a parody. Will Johnson use the same excuse to defend his behavior?

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Johnson Makes AOC Seem Like a Mensa Candidate

Hank Johnson is yet another example of what Democrats are pushing upon the American people as a competent lawmaker.

He is anything but.


Johnson’s previous claim to fame came when he expressed the belief that an island could somehow capsize and tip over if too many American troops were based there.

He also once lamented that his greatest fear involving budget cuts was to experience a “world without balloons.

Despite a mountain of evidence indicating his ignorance, Johnson had the audacity to call Trump supporters uneducated.


“Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again followers … are older, less educated, less prosperous, and they are dying early,” he alleged.

“Their life spans are decreasing, and many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease, or simply a broken heart.”

If anything, they’re getting dumber being forced to watch an ignoramus and his party leading the country into the intellectual void.

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