Joy Behar Rips Rand Paul As A ‘Third-Party Hack’ Who Should Be ‘Thanking’ Fauci Instead Of Attacking Him

On Wednesday morning's episode of the ABC talk show "The View," cohost Joy Behar rushed to defend her beloved Dr.…

2 years ago

Susan Rice Accuses Trump Of Using ‘Racist Descriptions’ When Talking About Chinese Coronavirus

The idiotic racial argument regarding President Donald Trump's use of the phrase "Chinese virus" in describing the coronavirus pandemic has…

3 years ago

Whoopi Goldberg Uses Coronavirus To Attack Trump: Mother Nature Did This To Us, Not China

The mainstream media has conveniently forgotten over the past few days that it was actually they who started calling this…

3 years ago

Biden Confuses Coronavirus With Swine Flu, Calls It ‘N1H1’

After beginning Sunday night's Democrat debate with a cough, Joe Biden had a 10-second lapse in which he mixed up…

3 years ago

Pelosi Slams Trump For Saying Coronavirus Response Has Been ‘Great’

Trump could have the best possible plan to combat the coronavirus, yet Pelosi would still not give him proper credit.

3 years ago

CNN Slams Trump For Appointing Non-Diverse White House Task Force On Coronavirus

Because diversity is more critical than preventing a life threatening disease

3 years ago

NYC Announces It Has Its First Official Ebola Patient

On Thursday, New York City announced it has its first official Ebola patient; a doctor who had recently treated Ebola…

8 years ago

Cruz Calls for Ban on Flights From Ebola Stricken Nations; Obama Refuses

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have caused havoc in Northeastern Ohio after telling Amber Joy Vinson, who cared…

8 years ago

UNBELIEVABLE: Second Ebola Patient Got Permission to Travel From CDC

Are you ready to feel your blood boil? Good! Just days after 26-year-old nurse Nina Pham was hospitalized with Ebola…

8 years ago

CDC Scrambles After Second American Healthcare Worker Diagnosed With Ebola

Days after Nina Pham was diagnosed with Ebola, a second healthcare worker who cared for Thomas Eric Duncan has tested…

8 years ago