Connecticut Will Pay ‘Security Analyst’ $150,000 To Police Election-Related Memes

The battle to determine what exactly is "misinformation" before the November midterm election is on. But the even bigger question…

4 months ago

Democrat Sen. Blumenthal Delivers Speech At Communist Party Awards: ‘I Am Really Excited And Honored’

On Saturday, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal delivered a speech and presented awards at a party associated with the Communist Party…

1 year ago

After Biden Attacks Republican Governors For Reopening Their States, CT’s Democrat Governor Makes Similar Moves

On Thursday, Democratic Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said that his state would soon be rolling back COVID-19 restrictions that were…

2 years ago

Top Dem Senator Is Asked By CNN To Explain How Nomination Of Amy Coney Barrett Is ‘Illegal Or Illegitimate’ – He Can’t Do It

A top Democrat senator humiliated himself on live television this week when he was forced to admit that there isn't…

2 years ago

Why Candace Owens Could Be Hard To Beat In A Connecticut House Race

She looks to be gunning for leftist Democrat House member Jim Himes of Connecticut.

3 years ago

Candace Owens Says She Will Run For Office: ‘I’ll Win, And They Won’t Know What Hit Them’

On Thursday, conservative pundit Candace Owens told BlazeTV's Glenn Beck she has decided to run for political office and is…

3 years ago

Candace Owens Blasts Governor’s ‘Scum Behavior’ For Tweeting Newborn’s Death ‘Linked To COVID-19’

On Wednesday, conservative pundit Candace Owens torched the governor of her home state after he announced what he called “the…

3 years ago

Trump May Quarantine New York, New Jersey, And Connecticut

Cases in those areas are high and climbing.

3 years ago

Whoopi Goldberg Uses Coronavirus To Attack Trump: Mother Nature Did This To Us, Not China

The mainstream media has conveniently forgotten over the past few days that it was actually they who started calling this…

3 years ago

Top Democrat Leaders Reportedly Prepping Plan To Stop Bernie Sanders At Convention

This comes as Sanders has become the front-runner of the Democratic presidential race.

3 years ago