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Billy Miller
September 20, 2023
The soap opera star Billy Miller, of “The Young And The Restless” and “General Hospital” fame, has passed away at the age of 43.
Clint Eastwood
August 10, 2023
Clint Eastwood is in mourning after the death of Roxanne Tunis, a Hollywood stuntwoman who was the “love of his life.”
June 26, 2019
Screen icon and directorial legend Clint Eastwood is breaking with Hollywood elites who have threatened to boycott Georgia over their […]
July 12, 2017
Legendary director Clint Eastwood 15 17 Paris will use the real-life American heroes to shoot his new film about the thwarted 2015 terrorist attack.
June 26, 2017
Clint Eastwood hasn’t been happy with Michael Moore since 2005. At the National Board Review dinner in 2005, both were present to be honored for Bowling for Columbine and Million Dollar Baby.
May 22, 2017
Libertarian Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has never toed the PC liberal line in Tinseltown. At a recent event to celebrate
June 9, 2015
Actor Clint Eastwood caused a bit of public relations snafu with Spike Television this weekend when he made a joke about […]
April 23, 2015
The biggest conservative name in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood had the room in stitches addressing the feud between himself and liberal documentary […]