Boris Johnson

Jake Tapper Tries To Get UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson To Bash The US, He Instead Describes America As A ‘Shining City On A Hill’

CNN's Jake Tapper attempted to bait Boris Johnson into criticizing democracy in the United States, but the British Prime Minister…

7 months ago

‘The View’ Is Not Pleased With The UK Ending COVID Restrictions

On Tuesday, the co-hosts of the popular ABC talk show 'The View" had some unkind words for British Prime Minister…

11 months ago

Reporter Asks Psaki Why Biden Is Criticizing U.S. Media In Front Of Foreign Leaders

On Monday, a reporter asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about President Joe Biden criticizing U.S. media in front…

1 year ago

White House Press File Formal Complaint Against Biden After Aides Refuse To Let Him Answer Questions

The White House press pool filed a formal complaint against President Joe Biden following an incident at the Oval Office…

1 year ago

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Calls Biden ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ Compared To Trump On Climate Change

On Tuesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that President Joe Biden was a “breath of fresh air” compared to…

1 year ago

Trump Strengthened NATO With Tough Love

The alliance is stronger for it.

2 years ago

Biden Calls It An ‘Embarrassment’ That Trump Hasn’t Conceded

Joe Biden spoke out on Tuesday to say that it is an "embarrassment" that President Donald Trump has yet to…

2 years ago

Trump Ally British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Moved To ICU As He Battles Coronavirus

His loss would be tragic for the U.K. and the U.S.

3 years ago

Report: U.S. Intelligence Tell Trump That China ‘Intentionally’ Lied About Coronavirus Outbreak

Last week, U.S. Intelligence officials reportedly gave President Donald Trump a highly classified report that confirmed that China had lied…

3 years ago

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The United Kingdom is on a three week lockdown

3 years ago

Pence and Prince Mark Solemn Occasion, Battle Domestic Anti-Semites

The veep and the heir show their support for Israel.

3 years ago