Hillary Gets Pilloried After Catching COVID And Asking For Movie Recommendations

Just as most Americans are hoping that the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming history, and much of the nation is seeing…

12 months ago

Watch: RNC Ad Hammers Obama-Biden By Highlighting Numerous Scandals

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is out with a devastating new ad contradicting claims by Democrat nominee Joe Biden that…

3 years ago

Gaetz Replies To Susan Rice: If Lies Were Like Music, She’d Be Mozart

House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz responded to revelations that Susan Rice lied about unmasking General Flynn by comparing her…

3 years ago

Hillary Clinton Hit With Crushing Blow As State And Justice Departments Agree She Must Testify Over Benghazi

Lawyers for the State and Justice Departments agreed with Judicial Watch that Hillary Clinton should testify about her emails and…

3 years ago

Susan Rice Accuses Trump Of Using ‘Racist Descriptions’ When Talking About Chinese Coronavirus

The idiotic racial argument regarding President Donald Trump's use of the phrase "Chinese virus" in describing the coronavirus pandemic has…

3 years ago

Intel Hero Recovers From Clinton Machine Hit

Wayne Simmons paid a big price for serving his nation.

3 years ago

Voice of the Benghazi Cover Up Susan Rice Accuses Trump of ‘Despicable Lies’ Regarding Obama, Iran

Former national security adviser Susan Rice accused President Trump of fomenting "despicable lies" regarding Barack Obama and Iran. The audacity…

3 years ago

Donald Trump Jr. Obliterates Joy Reid For Calling Iraq Embassy Attack ‘Trump’s Benghazi’

Donald Trump Jr. offered indisputable facts that set the record straight for MSNBC host Joy Reid, after the latter called…

3 years ago

Not Benghazi: Trump Threatens Iran, Takes Swift Action Following Attack on US Embassy

President Trump threatened to hold Iran "fully responsible," prepped further crippling sanctions on the nation, and warned that Iraq had…

3 years ago

Lindsey Graham Declares That Under President Trump, ‘There Will Be No Benghazis on His Watch’

On Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham praised President Donald Trump’s warning to Iran after a pro-Tehran mob attacked the U.S. Embassy…

3 years ago

Federal Judge Delays Request to Cross-Examine Hillary Clinton on Email and Benghazi Controversies

Hillary Clinton probably won’t know until after New Year’s Day if she will face direct cross-examination about her email scandal…

3 years ago

Susan Rice Says Trump Gave Turkey The ‘Green Light’ To Attack Kurds In Syria

Audrey Conklin on October 11, 2019 Former U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice said President Donald Trump gave Turkey the “green…

3 years ago