Donald Trump Jr. offered indisputable facts that set the record straight for MSNBC host Joy Reid, after the latter called an attack on a U.S. Embassy in Baghdad earlier this week “Trump’s Benghazi.”

Violent mobs were organized Tuesday by Iran in response to an airstrike by the U.S. military over the weekend that killed dozens of Iran-backed militia members. The military strike was in response to the death of an American contractor last week when the militia fired a rocket at an Iraqi military base.

The pro-Tehran mobs stormed the embassy wearing militia uniforms, shouting ‘Death to America!’ and managed to smash security cameras, break down a door into the reception area, and set the room on fire.

Reid, upset that the President can multitask on Twitter, retweeted a satirical account which automatically turns Trump’s tweets into ‘official’ press releases. This particular one happened to mention the Ukraine call transcripts.

“As Trump’s Benghazi unfolds in Iraq …” she snidely added to the retweet.

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Don Jr. Slaps Her With Facts

As he is known to do from time to time, the President’s son stepped in to offer the mainstream media and Joy Reid a little dose of reality. Or, as we like to call them – Facts.

Trump Jr. noted the swift and decisive actions taken by the President as the attack on our embassy in Iraq was unfolding.

“‘Trump’s Benghazi’ was handled with decisive action, like an actual leader would respond,” Trump Jr. wrote. “The response (since they actually bothered to respond, unlike Obama/[Hillary]) was really the anti-Benghazi response!”

“You’re welcome,” he snarkily added.

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The Anti-Benghazi

As noted by The Political Insider, Trump immediately vowed to hold Iran “fully responsible,” prepped further crippling sanctions on the nation, warned that Iraq had better protect American personnel, and deployed roughly 100 Marines and multiple AH-64 Apaches to increase security.

It’d also be obvious to most Americans (other than Reid) that no lives were lost on Trump’s watch.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also explains why it’s the Obama administration who is responsible for this embassy attack.

“We came in when the previous administration had provided lots of money, lots of money that was used for that nuclear program, lots of money that had been used for terror all around the world develop their missile program,” he stated.

Some of that money likely helped fund the organized mobs who attacked the embassy. In other words, not only is this not ‘Trump’s Benghazi,’ but it could more accurately be described as ‘Obama’s second Benghazi.’

The President on Wednesday had this to add: “The Marines came in. We had some great warriors come in. They did a fantastic job. This will not be a Benghazi. Benghazi never should have happened. This will never, ever be a Benghazi … They will pay a very big price for any damages incurred.”

Unlike the previous administration – who spent more time on the coverup than aiding American personnel – do you even doubt Trump will follow through?

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