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Never-Trumper Comstock Says GOP Voters In CO And GA Should 'Take Out The Trash'
November 29, 2021
Former Virginia Congresswoman and 'Never Trump' neoconservative Barbara Comstock wants GOP voters to oust Lauren Boebert.
Trump Comstock
June 16, 2021
Former GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock spoke out to say that Republicans will pass the Donald Trump "kidney stone" soon.
Trump Comstock
June 3, 2021
Donald Trump fired back at the ex-Republican Rep. Comstock and other "RINO losers" after she jokes about him.
Comstock Trump
June 3, 2021
Former GOP Rep. Comstock claimed that if Donald Trump disappeared, there wouldn't be a lot of Republicans in the search…
virginia democrat campaign ad worst ever
September 19, 2017
Democrat candidate Dan Helmer has released what might be the worst campaign ad ever in the race for Virginia's 10th…