CNN’s Don Lemon Calls Unvaccinated Americans ‘Idiots’ Who Think They’re ‘Above The Law’

On Tuesday, CNN host Don Lemon said Tuesday that those who have refused to get COVID-19 vaccinations were “idiots” who…

5 months ago

Joy Behar: We Should ‘Tweak’ Constitution Because Founding Fathers Didn’t Have AR-15s And Twitter

On Tuesday, co-host of “The View” Joy Behar said that the 1st and 2nd Amendments in the U.S. Constitution's Bill…

7 months ago

Australia’s Unvaccinated Are Now Second Class Citizens – Can It Happen Here?

For a country of people that perhaps many Americans and the rest of the world has always seen as a…

9 months ago

DeSantis Torches Biden For His Florida ‘Obsession’ – ‘Medical Authoritarianism’

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) went on Fox News recently to blast President Joe Biden for being obsessed with his state…

10 months ago

Australian Media Celebrates News Of ‘Renewal In Freedoms’ From COVID Lockdown

For as unprecedented and, some argue, Orwellian the COVID response has been in the U.S., a look to our Western…

10 months ago

GOP Sen. Kennedy Says ‘Beautiful’ Protests In Cuba Show ‘Innate Thirst For Freedom’

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) went on Fox News on Wednesday to give his thoughts on the protests that are currently…

12 months ago

Ted Cruz Calls Out CBS News For Not Airing Interview With Biden Accuser In U.S.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke out over the weekend to obliterate CBS News for what he described as the "most…

2 years ago

Tom Hanks Unravels In Bizarre Rant About Face Masks: ‘Don’t Be A P*ssy’

Hollywood star and fervent liberal Tom Hanks just came unglued as he embarked on a bizarre rant about face masks,…

2 years ago

Psychic Greta Thunberg Claims There Will Be Climate Destruction In New Pearl Jam Music Video

Pearl Jam just released a bizarre new music video for their melodramatic environmental doomsday song "Retrograde" that stars none other…

2 years ago

Breakthrough French Study: ‘100%’ Of Coronavirus Patients Cured With Our Treatment

Gregory Rigano, an advisor to the Stanford University School of Medicine, claimed on Wednesday that a French researcher who is…

2 years ago

Coronavirus Threat Spreading, Infections Surpass SARS

More cases reported in the U.S.

2 years ago

Australia Rolls Out Mobile Phone Detection Cameras–U.S. Won’t Be Far Off

You knew it was coming and now it's here. Well not specifically here in America, but you can put money…

3 years ago