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December 1, 2023
Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna has some funny ideas about the national debt.Like, for starters, that “tax cuts” and just two wars out of a dozen are to blame.
Jon Voight
September 6, 2023
Jon Voight, the legendary Hollywood star, is warning that there is “Satan in our community,” adding that “it’s a difficult time.”
Jon Voight
August 30, 2023
The Hollywood legend Jon Voight is defending the former President Donald Trump, slamming the “corrupt mob” that is targeting him.
Abbott McConaughey
July 16, 2021
Texas GOP Gov. Abbott has broken his silence to address rumors that Matthew McConaughey will be running against him.
Voight Trump
November 28, 2020
Jon Voight has defied Hollywood to torch the left, saying that President Donald Trump is the “only man who can save this nation.”
Jane Fonda Trump
September 3, 2020
Jane Fonda just spoke out to bash President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka while also revealing her radical plan if Biden wins.
Pelosi Sarandon
May 3, 2020
Actress Susan Sarandon just voiced her support for the Democrat challenging Nancy Pelosi after the speaker defended Joe Biden from rape allegations.
Jon Voight nancy pelosi
February 8, 2020
Conservative actor Jon Voight, a supporter of Donald Trump, spoke out to slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week, calling her a threat to America.
Jonah Hill
February 2, 2020
But shouldn’t everyone, including “white males” like Jonah Hill, have opportunities in Hollywood? Liberals don’t think so.