Democrat Ro Khanna Blames $33 Trillion Debt On Tax Cuts – There’s Just One Problem

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Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna has some funny ideas about the national debt.

Like, for starters, that “tax cuts” and just two wars out of a dozen are to blame. In other words, It’s all Republicans’ fault!

The Democrat said that “Reagan’s tax cuts,” “Bush’s tax cuts,” “Trump’s tax cuts,” and “Bush’s overseas wars” were the primary causes of the national debt.

“We don’t need a fiscal commission to study it. Everyone knows Johnson’s fiscal commission will recommend cuts in Social Security & Medicare. Instead, we need to end the tax breaks for the ultra-rich and make a moonshot investment in American industry,” Khanna claimed.

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The U.S. national debt is currently over $33 trillion dollars. Members of Congress in both parties have voted for massive spending for decades under numerous presidents. And as Americans have had to learn all over again, the War Party is bipartisan.

Entitlements are also a big contributor to America’s debt.

Or as Republican Victoria Spartz replied to Khanna:

The National Debt is a Bipartisan Problem

Obviously, tax cuts aren’t to blame for debt. First, because the federal government has continued to take in even more revenue after tax cuts, but more importantly, because spending causes debt. This is self-evident to most people, but not Democrats.

Even if it were the case that tax cuts ended up bringing in less revenue, that’s not what causes debt. Spending more than the revenue you do bring in causes debt. And that’s a choice.

Of course, Khanna is partially correct about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They cost astronomical amounts of money, of which the United States did not have. But why did he leave out all the Democrat wars?

As Ron Paul explained in August:

Congress’ top priority this fall will be passing legislation funding the government and avoiding a “shutdown.” As of this writing, it appears unlikely that the Republican-controlled House will be able to make a deal with President Biden and the Senate Democrats on a long-term spending bill. Instead, they will likely pass a short-term funding bill to give themselves more time to reach agreement on a longer-term bill.

Any bipartisan agreement is unlikely to reduce government spending or begin to pay down, or stop the growth of, the over $32 trillion national debt, which the Congressional Budget Office projects will grow by at least $115 trillion over the next thirty years. Instead, Congress and the administration will continue to pretend they are addressing the spending problem by “reducing in the projected rate of spending growth,” and other gimmicks.

The sad fact is both parties, along with a majority of the American people, are addicted to welfare-warfare spending.

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The Democrats are the party who have no problem with endless spending.

The Republicans are the party who pretend they are opposed to endless spending, yet still participate in endless spending even if they give us a tiny tax cut here and there.

Democrat Ro Khanna trying to blame the national debt primarily on tax cuts and just two out of a dozen wars is laughable.

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