Political Commentator Who Supported DeSantis Says It’s Time to Go All In On Trump, Lists Trump Cabinet Dream Team – Who’s On Yours?

A far-right political commentator, who had initially listed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his preferred candidate in 2024, said it's time to throw support behind Donald Trump, even offering a 'Dream Team' list of people he thinks should be named to his cabinet.
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A conservative political commentator who had initially listed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his preferred candidate in 2024 is saying that it is time to throw support behind Donald Trump, even offering a “Dream Team” list of people he thinks should be named to his cabinet.

That list has prompted wide-ranging responses and conjecture, but it is an interesting topic to debate.

The commentator, Mike Cernovich, soured on Trump after the 2022 midterm elections, joining a chorus of those on the right who blamed the former President for devastating Republican losses.

“Trump has 0 shot at 2024 general. After tonight, this isn’t up for debate,” he wrote on the X social media platform following the election results. “Times change or he changed or whatever. DeSantis in 2024 or accept total defeat.”

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Trump Is The Guy – Here’s a Dream Team He Should Pick For His Administration

While maintaining that DeSantis was his preferred candidate, Cernovich earlier this year would explain that political prosecutions from the Biden administration and other district attorneys were turning Trump into an unbeatable “righteous martyr.”

The “DeSantis can’t win” theme continued in an X post on Thursday, and Cernovich even offered up a list of cabinet members he thought would make good additions to the Trump administration, should he take back the White House.

The names include some of those currently running against Trump for the GOP nomination – his guy DeSantis for Attorney General, Vivek Ramaswamy for Commerce.

It also includes a Democrat – and perhaps the most intriguing selection of all – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as head of the CIA. Can you just imagine?

“Real A-list talent this round,” Cernovich insisted. “But Trump’s the guy. Sorry, but it’s true. Time to come together and win.”

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Who Would You Like To See In Trump’s Cabinet?

While many might suppose RFK Jr. would be a solid choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services due to his vaccine-questioning platform – especially considering that many say that the COVID jab still stands as one of Trump’s biggest blunders – picturing him as head of the CIA is infinitely more intriguing in this author’s view.

This is, after all, the son and namesake of John F. Kennedy’s brother, who has openly criticized the Biden administration for postponing the release of remaining records pertaining to the late President’s assassination.

“The assassination was 60 years ago. What national security secrets could possibly be at risk? What are they hiding?” he asked, maintaining that release of the record is less about conspiracy and more about transparency.

That man in charge of the CIA when several prominent media and political figures have suggested the American government – particularly the CIA – was involved in the Kennedy assassination, would be insanely interesting.

Ramaswamy and DeSantis have both denied they have any interest in serving as Trump’s vice president or in his administration in any capacity. Times change, however, and if they wish to parlay their performances in this year’s primary, they might want to reconsider.

Ramaswamy, a young, brilliant mind clearly aboard the Trump Train? DeSantis, going after woke corporations and schools trying to sexualize children?

What other names would you like to see Trump consider for his cabinet if he wins in 2024?

Rand Paul as Secretary of Defense, ending endless war and keeping taxpayer money in America? Elon Musk as Energy or Transportation Secretary? Thomas Massie, who spends every waking moment saying no to spending a dime, at the helm of the Treasury?

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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