Disgraced Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo Claims He May Vote For Trump As He Slams Biden – No ‘Greater Risk To America’

Chris Cuomo
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The former CNN host Chris Cuomo has shockingly claimed that he may vote for Donald Trump in 2024.

Cuomo Sounds Off

While being interviewed on the PBD Podcast on Thursday, Cuomo was asked by host Paul Bet-David, “Could Trump do anything to get your vote?”

Cuomo responded by saying that he interviewed Trump “routinely” over the years.

“I was one of the people to let him do the phone interview,” Cuomo explained. “And we were smart enough at CNN to say, ‘Offer it to Hillary, offer it to Hillary.’ And her campaign would be like, ‘No, we’re not giving you an interview, like, every third day.’ It’s on them. He wanted the opportunity, we gave it to him.”

Cuomo then said that Trump “made life hard” for his family.

“Gratuitously, ok?” he stated. “If he had done something that made it harder for your kids in school, is he going to get your vote?”

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Cuomo Slams Biden

Cuomo went on to bash President Joe Biden, saying, “Do I think [Biden] is the best of us? No. Do I think he’s the best we can do as president? Absolutely not. Do I think he’s the best that Democrats can do? Hell no.”

“If you’ve got those two, though, are you going to sit it out?” Bet-David asked.

“If it’s Biden-Trump? Look, for me, again: We survived a Trump administration. Would we survive another one? Yes. Yes,” Cuomo replied. “I don’t think there’s any greater risk to America with him than with Biden.” 

“And for people who are now going to attack me, and say, ‘What are you talking about? Trump is like this crazy man!’ Well look…Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re not now,” he added. “If anything, there’s more hostility. And you can have reasons for that, any way you want. I’m just saying, existentially, I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency.”

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Cuomo Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Cuomo proceeded to double down.

“Existentially, I’m not afraid of another Biden presidency, because unlike many people in America, I believe that the country is much stronger than any individual leader,” he said. “We survived the Russia thing. We survived January 6. We survived having Biden as a gaffe machine.”

“We survived Congress going after each other and doing nothing for the rest of us,” Cuomo continued. “We survive these things. Are we better for it? No. Should we be doing things differently? Yes. I think it happens, I don’t know when, I don’t know why. In terms of who I’m going to vote for, I would really have to see where we are at the moment in time.”

“So you’re open to a Trump vote?” Ben-David asked, to which Cuomo replied, “I am always open. And I’ll tell you this: People say, ‘Oh, bulls***! You’ve never voted for a Republican in your life.’ Wrong. Not only have I, the first vote I ever cast was for a Republican.”

Cuomo then said that this Republican was George H. W. Bush, who defeated Gov. Mike Dukakis in the 1988 presidential election.

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