Suzanne Somers Appears To Husband Of 46 Years In ‘Vision’ Days After Her Death

Suzanne Somers
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It’s been one week since the legendary former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers died just a day before what would have been her 77th birthday. Her beloved husband Alan Hamel, who she was married to for 46 years, is now speaking out to reveal that Somers appeared to him in a “vision” just a few days after her death.

Somers Appears To Hamel In ‘Vision’

Hamel, 87, was by Somers’ side when she died last Sunday morning after a 23 year battle with breast cancer. While the couple had been married since 1977, they’d actually been together for nearly a decade before that, so losing Somers after more than half a century has obviously been incredibly difficult for Hamel.

In a new interview, Hamel is opening up about Somers appearing to him in a “vision” days after her death, likely doing so in an attempt to comfort the love of her life who has been grieving her loss.

“It had been four nights without Suzanne by my side. Like I said we always slept side-by-side and held hands so it’s a big change for me,” Hamel told Daily Mail. “On Thursday I was laying on my side of the bed and I stretch my arm out like I always did when I held hands with Suzanne.”

“I was half asleep when I had a vision that she was in bed with me and turned around and looked right at me – I could feel her presence, I felt she was there,” he continued. “It shocked me so much that I open my eyes thinking maybe she could be there but of course she wasn’t. I feel in someway she was visiting me.”

Hamel went on to say that he believes in an afterlife, so he’s hopeful that he’ll be reunited with Somers again.

“I do believe in the afterlife – I’ve met with mediums before and they’ve told me things there’s no way they could’ve known,” he stated. “There’s just too many stories about people dying and coming back and having stories it just can’t be a hoax and it actually is comforting to know that someday I may come in contact with Suzanne again.”

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Hamel Struggling With Somers’ Death

That being said, Hamel is still having a difficult time accepting that his beloved wife is really gone.

“Missing Suzanne is probably not a powerful enough word; I don’t know what the word is. But for the past 55 years we didn’t even spend one hour apart,” he lamented.

“Suzanne and I were so close that she said when I wasn’t in the room she would miss me and I would miss her too – even though we were in the same house. We would actually go to sleep holding each other’s hands which was so special to me,” he added. “Half of me is her.”

In this same interview, Hamel talked about the final days of Somers life, saying that she was not alert in her last two days.

“She just laid there and didn’t move, she couldn’t do anything for herself, so I sat down next to her and I told her stories and I talked to her for many, many hours,” he recalled. “I wasn’t sure if she could hear me or not but I was hopeful she could.”

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One Last Kiss 

Just before Somers died, she and Hamel shared one more passionate kiss.

“I kissed her as I always do, and she kissed me back,” he said. “After the kiss I realized it was a real kiss which shocked me because she had not been responsive. And it was powerful and it made me think that she was there listening to me before she died and I’m happy that I spent so much time with her.”

At 87 years of age, Hamel has found himself on his own for the first time in 55 years.

“Now for the first time in 55 years I’m alone; I have not lived alone much in my life – the only time was for two weeks and I hated it. I was very young and I just didn’t like it,” he said, adding that he sees reminders of Somers everywhere. “There are photos everywhere, our kids, it helps.”

Somers was a true legend, and there will never be another one like her. Please join us in saying a prayer for Hamel and her other loved ones as they continue to grieve this unimaginable loss.

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