Susan Rice Accuses Trump Of Using ‘Racist Descriptions’ When Talking About Chinese Coronavirus

The idiotic racial argument regarding President Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “Chinese virus” in describing the coronavirus pandemic has reached a former top official for Barack Obama.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice accused President Trump of using “racist descriptions” in accurately describing the nature of the pandemic.

You would think such a high-ranking former official would conduct herself with a little more intelligence and a lot less playing of partisan race-baiting politics.

Blame Game

Rice appeared for an interview on CNN’s “Situation Room,” mentioning China’s poor handling of the situation while simultaneously parroting the Communist nation’s talking points about the ‘blame game.’

“We are not behaving well when we talk about, as the President does every day, the Chinese virus, the Wuhan flu, and all of these racist descriptions,” she asserted incorrectly. “The fact of the matter is that viruses don’t know borders, they don’t respect borders.”

Neither did the Ebola virus, named after the Ebola River which was in close proximity to its origin. Was Ebola called racist? Of course not, because the Ebola River is a geographic location, just as China and Wuhan are.

“So we need to get out of the business of blaming people for where viruses arrived, which can arise anywhere on the planet, and get into the business of working together to defeat them,” Rice added.


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Communist China and the Democrats

These ridiculous reactions to President Trump calling it the “Chinese” virus or “Wuhan virus” – the city in which it originated – is an example of the Democrats doing the bidding of the communist nation in selling propaganda.

Even in a crisis, the Democrats will lean towards siding with our adversaries instead of lining up in agreement behind the President of the United States.

In one of the more alarming examples of this, Senator Elizabeth Warren actually censored the word “Chinese” from a tweet she shared regarding Trump’s comments.

This is part of the genius that is Donald Trump, however. He knows the resistance movement will chase this ridiculous “racist” storyline because they despise him, so he continues using the phrase on a daily basis.

They end up looking like fools while he works on fixing the crisis at hand.

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Katie Pavlich Wrecks Susan

In further criticism, Susan Rice blasted the President for allegedly screwing up the coronavirus response, insinuating that his “vacillation and incompetence are literally deadly.”

Self-awareness: -500 points.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich eviscerated Rice by reminding her of her own response during the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Rice is a very proven liar. Trump’s reference to the “Chinese virus” is accurate.

Perhaps rather than stepping on rakes with idiotic analysis, Rice should jump in and start “working together to defeat” the virus as she claims should be the goal.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • Susan Rice is a poor excuse for a diplomat. Last time I checked she had no job in the government at this time. She has no right to criticize based on her lies during the Benghazi fiasco.

  • Susan Rice is a poor excuse for a diplomat. Last time I checked she had no job in the government at this time. She has no right to criticize based on her lies during the Benghazi fiasco.

  • This is the Same "Obama Bootlicker, who went on 5 national shows to Cover up The Obama/Hillary Benghazi Killings of FOUR Americans, when they were INEPT in getting ANY help to Amb.Stevens he requested for OVER a Year. Many Hours passed and they NEVER sent Any Aid.....Obama Left or went to bed, and Hillary, as SOS IGNORED the situation, as she was just too busy prior, with her Schemes:
    "Pay to Play" as she collected Millions from Any Nation, Any One who donated thru her "Fake Charity"

    As for Rice, she is a Lying, Racist FOR Obama, but she covered her own butt, when she wrote herself that email, talking to Herself in CASE, the whole Fake Story Blew Up, from Her, and the Rest of the Deep State, Corrupt Democrats, but NOW, she has things to say again? Wow, Lied to the Families of the Four Americans Right to their Faces, (Obama AND HILLARY) then Rice LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND HAD NO PROBLEM DOING SO. This is the Racist, Just like Obama, so let's NOT Play games Now, Rice.....Everyone has Your Number, as well!

    You and the rest of that Corrupt Obama Regime, just Hated it, that the POTUS Trump did MORE for Blacks, that all of you just "Kept down on
    their "Urban Plantations, Until it was time to vote for corrupt Dems Again"...…..POTUS Trump has done MORE in the first two years FOR Blacks, than you, Obama, Holder, etal. did in 8 LONNNGGG YEARS!

  • The Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus is EXACTLY what it is.
    Asian Flu - Hint from China 1956
    Spanish flu Hint from Spain 1918
    Zika Virus - Hint from Zika, Uganda 1952
    Ebola, which is named for the Ebola River in Africa 2013
    MERS -- Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2012
    West Nile Virus - Hint from West Nile Africa 1999
    Wuhan Coronavirus or Chinese Flu – Created in China, where they lied to try and hide that FACT. THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD.
    Red Hot Poker - Hint tool used to stir the brains of those who turn a national crisis into political BS to aid THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD and are therefore TRAITORS. Jail could follow if their treasonous actions continue.

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