Super Bowl Ratings Hit Lowest Since 2010

The ratings of last night’s Super Bowl game followed the general trajectory of NFL ratings all season.

While yesterday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots was one of the highest scoring in history, the action didn’t lead to it being the most watched. In fact, according to the Hollywood Reporter,

The marquee event of the television calendar, which saw the Philadelphia Eagles nab their first Super Bowl victory, averaged a 47.4 overnight rating among metered market households on NBC. That’s down 3 percent from initial numbers for the 2017 game, a modest drop but one that marks the franchise’s lowest performance since 2010.

The past two Super Bowls, which averaged a respective 48.8 (2017) and 49 (2016) overnight ratings, were each steady with over 111 million viewers. (There was a massive spike in streaming in 2017, which “technically” put the game at 113.7 million viewers).

The NFL’s popularity has taken a drop as a whole over the past two years, ignited mainly by Colin Kaepernick’s “taking a knee” protest, and similar silent protests aimed at President Donald Trump. In a relatively short time period, the NFL has gone from being the sports league viewed most favorably after the MLB to the least favorably viewed league.

Trump broke a tradition started by President George W. Bush and skipped the presidential pre-Super Bowl interview this year. Trump had done one with Bill O’Reilly in 2017, but that was before renewed tensions between the POTUS and the League.

While the NFL is experiencing a decline in ratings, enough people left their television on after the game to boost the ratings of another show. The post-game episode of NBC’s “This Is Us” set a new metered market record for the drama, averaging a 16.2 rating, making it the top-rated post-Super Bowl entertainment telecast in over a half-decade, and setting a ratings record for the show.

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  • I haven't watched the stuporbowl game since 1982. No plan on changing my viewing habits in the future. Cheers everyone.

  • This is story is much ado about nothing! So TV ratings were down a bit, but then there was the Hollywood reporter information that live streaming spiked in 2017 putting the actual viewing audience at 113.7 million. Yes, there may be a bit of a drop off due to the anthem protest, but the reality is that more and more viewers are watching on alternative media.

  • Use to watch, not now...and for the life of me, I have no idea why I ever did in the first place. I will never return.

  • I've never watched those overpaid racist monkeys and I shall never waste my time watching them grab one another like homos. I watched old reruns all day on WETV. Piss on the National Felon League scumbags.

  • Couldn't watch the game in jolly old 'cus i won't pay our deceptive government bbc's tv license fee. (The CFL has always been better value anyway!)

  • The stock market is falling like a rock and you're crowing over the fact that only 110,000,000 people watched the Super Bowl.

    • Only because it is manipulated by the globalists in the banking and financial sector. Massive sell off to take the cash and hoard the cash for another day.

  • So I turned it on at the second half as my daughter's boyfriend was semi-interested. What happened to the classic sb commercials? AmVets had their ad denied as too political, yet the majority of the ads I remember could have been scripted by Rodney King! Cacacacacannnn't we just all get along??

    Back to my regular scheduled boycott...

  • Quite frankly I was surprised the ratings were that good. However, I shouldn’t be as I said when the Players Union joined George Soros and then the actual NFL themselves join George Soros and by joined I mean actually signed up with this Enemy Of The State and the biggest terrorist in America, then the NFL decided not to give monies to Women’s Brest cancer awareness charities and our Veterans/Military any longer but to instead give to George Soros foundations, that most Americans that were protesting the NFL and what they have become, would forget all about their protesting and watch these unpatriotic thugs come Super Bowl time and that’s just what happened or the ratings number would be even lower!!! How can anyone support NFL Football in anything??? George Soros wants to destroy America and hates the American people!! The has stated this fact publicity on numerous occasions!! And this is who the NFL and the players have now partnered with!! An Anti American Facist and Communist who says the best days of his life was working for the Nazis!!! He doesn’t even try to hide it! He has said this fact in many interviews!!! This is who the NFL is today. No matter how much you like football how can you support the NFL and players in this??? They have already joined him, not thinking about it but have done it. And Americans pay money to support them and watch them on TV and conveniently the dropping to the knee they have done all year long. Oakland offensive line throwing a game and getting their quarterback almost intentionally killed because he stood for our anthem. All the horrific things many individual players have said about our anthem, our flag, our military, our police and our President!!! How convenient for this all to be forgotten so they can watch the Dupet Bowl!!! Now, right after they won some of these bums are refusing to go to the White House to meet the President as is customary for the Super Bowl Champions to do!!! Yeah, you guys go watch another game and support this unAmerican George Soros Organization!!! The truth is in the ratings. Many of us stood our ground and did not support this facist organization but others of you who _itched and complained all year deserted America when it counted just to watch these fascists in action. You made George Soros proud!! He put his money on you!!!
    Don’t ever forget what the NFL has become and who they are today. They made their bed - both the Players Union AND the NFL joined to stand side by side with GEORGE SOROS!!!!! DON’T FORGET ALL OF THIS NEXT SEASON AS THEY STILL WILL BE STANDING TALL WITH GEIRGE SOROS!!!!
    The Political Insider needs to allow photos!!!

  • I quit watching the NFL but eventually came back to watch the Eagles my team since the 1940's and was thrilled as they pulled it out and won however this afternoon the story cam out there were players going to boycott the visit to the Whitehouse due to the Presidents comments on the kneelers.
    The head kneeler Malcom Jenkins says he will not go so that's a break for the president as the head kneeler Jenkins will not go, Jenkins is anti-white and anti-America so that works out for everybody. He wants to help the community and I say lots of luck just keep your head low and run like hell when the gunshots erupt.

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