Student Contradicts School’s Info on a Drug… Guess What Happens Next?


By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the ‘free-range’ parents in Maryland who are being targeted by the state for their parenting choices. Now a Kansas boy has been taken into custody and his home raided after expressing his views in school on the medical use of marijuana.

The story starts when the 11-year-old student seemed a little too well-informed on the benefits of marijuana during a drug education class held at his school. School officials became suspicious and contacted the authorities, who then took the boy into custody and raided his home. The student disagreed with the anti-marijuana views of the school counselors during the class. He was so persuasive in his defense of pot that the school contacted Child Protective Services, which then called police, The Washington Post reported. Now, the state is threatening his mother with a loss of custody.

“He let them know how educated he was on the facts,” Shona Banda, self-identified as a “cannabis oil activist” by investigative journalist Ben Swann, said of her son’s contribution to the lesson.

But the school counselors didn’t see it that way and neither did the local law enforcement officials who decided to detain her son and launch a raid on the home which Ms. Vanda captured in the video below.

“I let them know that they weren’t allowed in my home without a warrant,” Ms. Banda told US investigative news website, Ben “I didn’t believe you could get a warrant off of something a child says in school.”

During the raid, authorities confiscated an alleged two ounces of cannabis flower and one ounce of cannabis oil. At a later court date, a judge recommended that the boy be placed in the custody of his father who lives nearby. Ms. Banda, who admits to using the drug medicinally to treat her Crohn’s disease, has yet to be charged with any crime.

“For him to have spoken up in class I can’t be upset about because he hears me daily on the phone talking with people, encouraging people to speak up and speak out,” she said.

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H/T: Ben Swann, Washington Post

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