These Stray Dogs Have A Secret They Want To Share; Just Don’t Tell Anyone!

stray dog cafe

As the Holiday season is upon us and the call of a very cold winter looms, one cafe in Greece has the spirit of giving already wrapped up, just in time for the bad weather. Dogs that hang around the place have been finding a warm place to sleep at night after the customers leave to go home.

It appears dogs in Greece are taken care of a lot differently that in the United States. Can you believe they are microchipped, spayed/neutered, vaccinated and collared, and cared for by the community? It’s like a Dog Utopia!

Wait until American dogs find out about this.

stray dog cafe

From InspireMore:

A photo of several stray dogs sleeping in a Greek Cafe is touching hearts all over the world. The tired pooches are pictured passed out on cushioned benches and chairs, really all over the place. The pups didn’t sneak their way in, but rather were invited by open doors after the shop closed down that night.

The cafe, Hott Spott in Mytilene, Lesbos, opens its doors every night so that local stray dogs have place to sleep. They have been running this little pet motel since July, and have no plans of putting these pups back out into the cold.

“In most European countries, they solve this problem [of stray dogs] with euthanasia. But Greek culture is against that. Our law is about rehabilitating the dogs,” explained the head of Athens’ Stray Animal Service when asked about the city’s strays. “People here take care of them and love them. They are like everyone’s dog.”

After reading this what do you think about that? Should all countries do this for stray dogs? Seems as if Greece’s strays are well kept. Could America do this? 

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