Looks like President Trump called it.

Amidst the entire Stormy Daniels debacle, where the media helped promote an unsubstantiated story about President Trump having an affair with the pornography actress nearly a decade ago, is a charge that a mysterious man threatened Stormy for raising the allegations of infidelity.

A sketch artist attempted to capture the likeness of the man, but the portrait he created raised more questions than it answered. Many speculated that the sketch actually resembled New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Well, it turns out the sketch is even more familiar than a championship quarterback. In fact, one could say it’s more intimately familiar. Very intimate.

President Trump pointed out as much by retweeting an observant Twitter user:

Here is the picture Trump drew attention to:


Now we have confirmation that the Stormy sketch does actually resemble her ex-husband, Brendon Miller.

TMZ reports:

There’s a good reason Stormy Daniels nailed the description of the man she says threatened her way back in 2011 … ’cause he looks exactly like the guy sleeping next to her!

Look, we’re not saying Stormy’s husband, Brendon Miller, IS the guy who warned her to back off Trump — we’re just saying she might have gotten a little confused while talking to the sketch artist.

Fact is, the suspect sketch IS a dead ringer for Brendon … the porn actor who married Stormy in 2010, mind you. So, he was on the scene when the alleged threat went down in Las Vegas.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

We know Stormy might have an issue with drugs. But could she really have been so careless as to have a sketch artist draw her husband?

What do you think? Does the sketch look like Stormy’s ex-husband? Tell us your thoughts below!