CNN has been relentlessly pushing the story of President Donald Trump’s alleged affair non-stop.

When CNN has a story, they tend to cover it endlessly until it’s completely beaten into the ground, and the Stormy Daniels story is no different. Ironically, nobody really cares.

Bill Clinton’s approval rating increased during the Monica Lewinski scandal, French President Francois Hollande’s popularity rose when it was discovered he was having an affair with an actress, and the trend remains uninterrupted in the case of this (alleged) affair.

As HotAir reported:

Support from women fell from 41 percent to 35 percent in the new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, even as Trump’s support among men rose 3 points to 53 percent.

Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll co-director Mark Penn said the growing gender gap in the poll is the result of the “Stormy Effect.”

“While President Trump’s overall ratings are stable, his support increased among men and dropped among women,” Penn said. “This poll was taken right after the Stormy Daniels interview and so I think this increased gender polarization is the ‘Stormy Effect’.”

Stormy Daniels boosted 60 Minutes’ ratings to a 10 year high when she appeared on the show, but it’s Trump’s ratings getting a boost too.

Ironically, CNN only seems to view sexual impropriety as a negative when it’s a Republican in office. Over the weekend, while promoting a show called “The Kennedys,” CNN hailed JDK’s “legendary love life,” before asking, “Did one of his affairs connect him with the mob?”

The tweet featured video from the show detailing JFK’s relationship with actress Judy Campbell, who was allegedly intimate with the head of the Chicago mafia while also having an affair with the president.

It’s absolutely hypocritical, but then again, who cares? I’d rather CNN be endlessly covering a story that a) nobody cares about, and b) is boosting Trump’s popularity, than anything else.

Are you glad to see President Trump’s approval rating continue to rise, even though the media tries to knock him down? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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