Many on Twitter are questioning whether or not pornographic actress Stormy Daniels was high during her “60 Minutes” interview where she alleged that she had an affair with President Trump.

Stormy’s admission has already brought her a load of legal trouble, especially after she agreed to a non-disclosure agreement. But now some are asking questions about her credibility over the interview which was broadcast last night. Specifically: Stormy’s dilated pupils.

Folks on Twitter brought attention to the strange appearance of her eyes:

Keep in mind: there’s no evidence that Stormy has a drug problem, or was at all under the influence of narcotics. You can see a recap of Stormy’s interview and judge for yourself below:

Make sure you check out conservative comedian Mark Dice’s take on the whole situation below.

So what do you think? Was Stormy high during her interview with Anderson Cooper? Do her eyes give it away? Do you believe her allegations against President Trump? Tell us your thoughts below!