STONEWALLED: IRS Didn’t Even Ask for Lois Lerner’s “Missing” Emails


Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Russell George and Deputy Inspector General for Investigations Timothy Camus testified in front of the House Oversight Committee regarding Lois Lerner’s “missing” emails that supposedly implicate her using the IRS to target conservative groups.

In a revealing exchange with Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), it was acknowledged that there was misconduct and neglect by the IRS who never asked IRS professionals to recover the data. The information was retrieved when IG employees found them in a facility in West Virginia.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen previously testified under oath that the tapes didn’t exist. Since then, almost 33,000 emails have been recovered.

Watch the exchange below:



Do you believe Lois Lerner will be held accountable for using the IRS as a weapon against citizens who disagreed with President Obama?

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