Stacey Abrams Still Considering Challenging Trump in 2020

During an interview with former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama Dan Pfeiffer, Stacey Abrams announced that she is still open to making a White House run in 2020.

Abrams was asked if she’d join the already massive slate of Democrats vying for the opportunity to unseat President Trump, to which she succinctly responded: “Yes.”

The Georgia Democrat had previously been floated as a possible running mate for former vice president Joe Biden who, as one source put it, wanted to show voters he “isn’t just another old white guy.”

She quickly squashed that idea during an interview on ‘The View’ in which she stated, “You don’t run for second place.”

Which is ironic, considering that’s the only thing Abrams has ever won in a major campaign.


Abrams, currently serving as the governor of Georgia in her own mind, would presumably have to give up that imaginary post to make a bonafide run for the Democrat nomination.

At a luncheon in Houston recently, Abrams said, “I am not delusional. I know I am not the governor of Georgia – possibly yet.”

“We won,” she added.

Abrams has made similar claims – that she won the race for governor last year, despite election results showing she was soundly defeated by nearly 55,000 votes – on other occasions as well.

Man, if establishment Democrats were upset about Bernie Sanders lingering in the race too long in 2016, how are they going to react when Abrams is defeated in the primary and refuses to admit it?

Is the resistance party really going to allow Abrams into the fray when she is clearly a ‘direct threat to Democracy‘?

Comedy of Errors

What would an Abrams campaign mean? Well, for one, endless hours of entertainment as she tries to explain how she can win a presidential election when she couldn’t even win a gubernatorial election even though she super-secretly actually did win.

Aside from that, perhaps we’ll see largely incoherent and bitter speeches, similar to the one she delivered after President Trump’s State of the Union. Or maybe we’ll see campaign photos with drug addicts passed out on a bench in the background.

One thing is certain – in order to win a real-life election, Abrams, like many of her colleagues, is going to need illegal votes to make it happen.

Fortunately, she’s got that covered, fully supporting allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote.

In 2018, the extremist Democrat suggested that illegals would be part of the ‘blue wave.’

“The thing of it is, the blue wave is African American,” she said at a campaign event. “It is white. It is Latino. It is Asian-Pacific Islander.”

“It is made up of those who’ve been told that they are not worthy of being here,” Abrams added. “It is comprised of those who are documented and undocumented.”

Huh. And she still lost?

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