Kamala Harris Shares Embarrassing Photo With Passed Out Man in the Background

Kamala Harris tweeted out a photo in celebration of Stacey Abrams being announced as the choice for delivering the Democrat response to the State of the Union address.

The image features Harris and Abrams laughing with a caption lauding the latter’s alleged ability to “showcase our country’s strengths and speak the truth after the State of the Union.”

Somebody forgot to review the photo a little more carefully, however.

Sharp-eyed viewers noticed a man in the background, quite possibly passed out on a bench.

The metaphor for Democrat Party platforms is limitless.

In case you’re having trouble locating what we’re talking about, let’s zoom in …

Opioid Guy?

Conservative actor James Woods mocked the picture, stating that any campaign from 2020 presidential hopeful Harris is going to be entertaining if they make gaffes like including “an opioid guy passed out on the bench.”

While the individual in the photo is either passed out or sleeping, it’s uncertain if he has a drug issue, is drunk, is homeless, or if there is something else happening at the time.

The picture was taken near McCullough Salon Studio as evidenced by the sign, which is located in Abrams’s hometown of Atlanta. The city in Georgia has an opioid issue in which, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “officials are straining to get a hold on the problem.”

Homeless Guy?

While San Francisco has their own drug problems, they’ve also dealt with a major problem of homelessness over the years as well.

“Public drug usage and homelessness are not new problems for the city of San Francisco,” CNN reported at the end of 2018. “But residents say the situation has gotten worse in recent years.”

“In America’s most liberal city, increasingly visible homeless camps are a stark symbol of San Francisco’s economic hollowing out and the failure of progressive governance,” writes The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson.

Harris laughing in the image is especially interesting considering a video of Harris recently emerged in which she bragged about bringing charges against a single homeless mother of three kids because they were truant to school.

Seems like Harris gets a big kick out of the plight of the homeless.