In a ‘Direct Threat to Democracy,’ Stacey Abrams Still Refuses to Concede Election

Stacey Abrams, confronted by a reporter as she entered an economic conference in Washington, D.C., refused once again to concede her Georgia gubernatorial race in 2018.

“Ms. Abrams, are you ever going to concede?” she is asked.

Abrams walked past without uttering a word.

However, once inside the conference Abrams relayed how she had been asked the question but claimed she actually responded with, “I said ‘no.'”

Adam Kelsey, a member of ABC News’ political team, posted her comments on social media.

Video of the exchange shows that if Abrams did respond, it was only silently in her own head.

According to results published by the New York Times, Abrams lost her gubernatorial race to Republican Brian Kemp by a hefty 54,723 votes. Not exactly a squeaker.

Threat to Democracy

Abrams must have missed the memo from former First Lady Hillary Clinton. Aside from still – MONTHS later – refusing to concede, Abrams spent days after the election refusing to call Kemp’s tenure “legitimate” and continually claimed he won due to widespread “voter suppression.”

At the conference, Abrams added, “I did win my election, I just didn’t get to have the job.”

That’s not how that works. Hillary would agree, no?

Refusing to accept the results of an election is “a direct threat to our democracy.”

Why does Abrams insist on destroying such institutions as our electoral process in America and in the individual states?

2020 Should Be Fun

Watching Abrams fail in the 2020 Democrat primary should be interesting.

Much like her inability to tell the truth when it came to the question of conceding, Abrams told supporters that she wouldn’t consider a presidential run until 2028, only to backpedal the same day and announce she was considering a run this year.

“2020 is definitely on the table,” she tweeted.

So what might happen? Will Abrams accuse her own party of voter suppression? Will she refuse to concede and hang on, damaging the eventual nominee as Bernie did in 2016?

Fox News recently suggested Abrams “would face withering attacks from Republicans accusing her of being, in essence, a sore loser.”

With her still refusing to concede, any fair-minded Democrat might pursue that line of attack as well.

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