Classmates Rally to Give Special Needs Student the Perfect Christmas Gift

special needs boy shoes

Feeling the holiday blues? Not after you see this clip.

A video of Somerset High School students gifting two pairs of new shoes to a special-needs classmate has gone viral, showing the world what the Christmas spirit is really about.

Students raised money to buy sophomore J.R. Gilbert shoes after the teen, who frequently squeezes his size 13 feet into size 10 shoes, told a classmate he needed bigger shoes. This is fantastic!

special needs boy shoes

From KFDI:

Students held a fundraiser at a high school in Somerset, Texas to surprise one of their classmates with two new pairs of shoes last week before the school went on holiday break.

Classmates at Somerset High School noticed that 14-year-old JR Gilbert wore shoes that were too small. Gilbert, who is considered a “special needs” student, wore size 10.5 boots from his grandfather everyday to school. Gilbert’s feet have grown to size 13.

On Friday, students from the high school presented two shoe boxes wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper to Gilbert, both with size 13 shoes.

“It’s from all of us,” says junior Roger Villegas says to Gilbert in the video. “Everybody here gave ’em to you.”

“Green is my favorite color, Gilbert said as he opened the first box containing a pair of green Nike shoes. “Thanks guys. Y’all are the best.”

After Gilbert opened the second shoe box, he held up one of the red shoes into the air as students cheered. After he opened the new pairs of shoes, the students gathered in a circle and gave a shout of “Family.”

Here are a few responses to the surprise:

Friends like this don’t come around often, so when they show up, embrace them and keep them close. I am happy this young man was able to experience this. He will never forget this day, and neither will those kids who participated in this charitable act. Congrats to a beautiful group of kids!

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