Sheila Jackson Lee Turns On Biden – Admits His Border Plan ‘Does Not Look Like It’s Working At This Time’

President Joe Biden has spent the past few weeks repeatedly denying that there is a crisis currently happening at the U.S./Mexico border, even though it has become abundantly clear that there is one.

The situation got even worse for Biden on Sunday, when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) went on MSNBC to admit that the president’s plan at the border “does not look like it’s working at the moment.”

Lee Appears To Turn On Biden

“[N]ow Jonathan, we have a situation that is a humanitarian concern,” she told host Jonathan Capehart.

We do have issues with any number of children. The numbers are coming up, but I will say that the Biden administration has met with members of Congress,” Lee added. “They have a plan. The plan does not look like it’s working at this time, but you have to get it implemented.”

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Lee Discusses The ‘Plan’

Lee then proceeded to walk through what she claims this plan was.

“[W]e need to put in more resources so that our asylum protocols can go quickly and those that do not meet the standards — they have to be returned safely and securely,” Lee continued, according to The Washington Times.

“But what the administration is saying that they’re not going to cage children. They’re not going to turn children back to their deaths,” she said. “They’re not going to have young girls, 13 years old, subject to rape and pillage.”

“And so it does look a little unseemly,” Lee concluded. “But these are human beings. And so, they’re not coming to endanger our lives. They’re coming basically to save their lives.”

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This Doesn’t Bode Well For Biden

While Lee seemed to try and defend Biden by saying that he has a plan to fix whats happening, the president undoubtedly will not be happy that one of his fellow Democrats is effectively publicly admitting that there really is a crisis going on at the border.

However, if Biden does not do something soon to fix what is quickly becoming an unprecedented crisis, he can expect more Democrats to turn on him in this way. Before long, it will be impossible to deny that the situation at the border has become a crisis just weeks into Biden’s presidency.

This piece was written by James Samson on March 23, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • Lee, and the Democrats, are only upset with Biden because by his screwing up, and thus exposing, THEIR agenda to flood America with illegals, Biden is red-pilling Americans against their evil, power-hungry plans. They WANT America to be FLOODED with illegals, way less white, as a result, and transformed into a socialist nation with THEM as the elitist "rulers". Just look at HR 1!

  • Who cares what that horrible creature says , It is acknowledged nation wide that she is nothing but a race baiting ghetto rat and professional victim .

  • Good Grief !!! Somebody must have given her the correct answer because normally she doesn't seem to have the smarts to figure out where to put the money in a Parking Meter. Of course Pelosie & Schumers's plan isn't working & nobody should have expected it to work but they will shift the blame to the shell of a man they rigged the Presidency for. The Supreme Court Justices, Congress & Democrat hierarchy made a complete mess of things.

  • Hair sniffing , PERV , CREEPY Joe gutted President Trumps' border policies , now look at the mess and the crisis he and the LIBERAL SOCIALIST put OUR country in !!! Covid positive ILLEGALS are being let loose and are bussed wherever they want to go . President Trump didn't create a massive crisis like CREEPY Joe did , and Trump sure would NOT have spent 86 million dollars of taxpayers money to put ILLEGALS in nice hotels with maid service and swimming pools !!!

  • All Hat No Cattle Jackson Lee is just paying lip service to this, as her district is close to the border. I pray daily that the southern counties of Texas wake up to the simple fact that Democrats do not care about them!

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