Shame On The Bus Driver Who DISRESPECTED This Wounded Warrior In a Major Way




A New Jersey bus driver treated one of our wounded warriors in a way that will incense anyone who appreciates the sacrifices made by those in our military.

Daniel Wright is a retired Staff Sergeant who was injured by an IED while serving in Iraq. The Purple Heart recipient had nine surgeries and still struggles using his arm. His service dog, a pit bull named Tank, helps Wright with daily functions by retrieving items for him and providing him with comfort when he has a panic attack.

Even though it is widely known that a service dog can accompany its owner, a New Jersey Transit bus driver refused to let Wright and Tank on the bus … going so far as to slam the door in their faces.  Tank was wearing his collar and vest that read  “US Army Service Dog” but the unsympathetic bus driver did not care.

Wright and Tank were taking the bus home from school when this occurred. New Jersey Transit is investigating the matter. Wright hopes that he and Tank will be able to utilize public transportation with dignity going forward.

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H/T: The Daily Caller

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