Senator Tim Scott Hit With Racist ‘Uncle Tom’ Attacks After Stirring RNC Speech

Tim Scott

On Monday night, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) gave a powerful speech at the Republican National Convention. Unfortunately, he was subsequently hit with racist “Uncle Tom” attacks from the Left, which shows how intolerant Democrats really are toward minorities who refuse to fall in line with their way of thinking.

Scott’s Powerful Speech

“While this election is between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it is not solely about Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” Scott said, according to The Hill. “It’s about the promise of America. It’s about you and me. Our challenges and heartbreaks, hopes and dreams. It’s about how we respond when tackling critical issues like police reform.” 

He went on to praise the U.S. as a place where anyone can succeed, explaining that he was “living his mother’s American dream” after growing up in a poor, single-parent household. 

“She knew that if we could find the opportunity, bigger things would come,” he said. 

Scott then slammed Biden for his abysmal race record, citing his past comments and record on the 1994 crime bill.  

“Joe Biden said if a Black man didn’t vote for him, he wasn’t truly Black. Joe Biden said Black people are a monolithic community,” Scott said. “It was Joe Biden who said poor kids can be just as smart as white kids.”

While many on the Right praised Scott’s speech, leftists became “triggered” by the fact that a black man could actually be a conservative. They responded to his words with racist smears, branding Scott as an “Uncle Tom.”

Scott Hit With Backlash

“Uncle Tom, oh l mean Tim Scott…” one social media user tweeted, with another adding, “This dude Tim Scott a straight up Uncle Tom. #UncleTom.”

“Every time I see TIM SCOTT with that plantation Negro slave grin on his face, I feel nauseous. TRUMP caused HERMAN CAIN to be in his grave, but he can always find another UNCLE TOM in the Senate,” a third user wrote. “How many more are there??”

One Democratic elected official, Rep. Steve Cohen (TN), was even caught “liking” a tweet saying that Scott “might as well be white” given what his message is.

There were tons of other racist smears where those came from:

So much for the “tolerant Left.”

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on August 26, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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