Sean Spicer Announces Deal With TV Representative And Possible Book

Sean Spicer served as President Donald Trump’s press secretary for only six months. He did a good job, even though the press was relentless in attacking him.

But with his recent resignation, people are wondering what Spicer’s next job will be.

Thankfully, job opportunities came knocking soon after his departure. Among the most public was an invitation to appear on Dancing With The Stars. According to TMZ, sources close to Spicer told them the former White House Press Secretary was flattered by the opportunity, but declined  because he believes he’ll have an “overwhelming number of commitments in the Fall.”

So we won’t be seeing his dance skills (or lack thereof) anytime soon, but he is making his next major career move. And it looks like it will be in TV.

Reportedly getting ready to sign a major television deal, Spicer signed with Bob Barnett, a prominent lawyer who represents politicians and TV news personalities, the New York Post’s Page Six reported.

The former press secretary, who resigned at the end of July when President Trump brought in Anthony Scaramucci as communications director, had been in meetings with several major TV and news networks last week, sources told Page Six. He was also reportedly sought after by Hollywood talent agencies.

The meetings must have led to something more interesting as there was no indication Spicer would be returning to the White House following Scaramucci’s ouster earlier this week.

Spicer signed with Barnett and Michael O’Connor of Washington-based law firm Williams & Connolly on Thursday, choosing Barnett due to his reputation representing politicians and TV correspondents.

H/T BizPacReview

And like Comey, a book deal could be in his future too.

What will his book be titled? The internet had a few ideas….

There’s no timeline on when the book will be published, but given how Spicer captivated the American public’s attention for his brief tenure, it’s certain to be a bestseller.


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  • Cool Beans! I call this Falling UP. Things are looking rosy for Trump fired administration people.

    • Couldn't expect anything less from a walking dead dimm lib! Troll and spew, which is all you know what to do.

      • I would say "Just ignore it and it will go away," but that hasn't worked out very well so far!!!

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