Sanders Aide Urges Democrats To Go ‘Crazy’

She's rather late in that counsel.

Nina Turner Sanders

Former Bernie Sanders campaign official Nina Turner on Thursday advised the far liberal wing of the Democrat to “go crazy” and “hold the Democratic Party hostage” unless and/or until they accede to the demands of the socialist fringe of the party.

“What I would love to see the progressive movement do — from the progressive members of the House of Representatives and progressive members who may be in the Senate — is to go crazy,” she said during an interview published on Status Coup, a journal of like-minded party activists.

Turner said that Democrats might want to “take a page out of the Tea Party’s book … and hold the Democratic Party hostage until they do something on behalf of the American people.”

That something is likely the full range of socialist measures including socialized healthcare, American retreat around the world, draconian curtailment of rights granted under the U.S. Constitution, and an array of PC edicts that would make Joseph Stalin blanch with astonishment.


“People hedged on that debate stage — you know, Medicare-for-all-who-choose — they worked so hard to get that health care on their job, don’t take it away from them,” Turner said, parroting Democrat talking points on healthcare and socialism.

“Well, we know that COVID-19 has blown the roof off of all of the rhetoric and the lies, and the illusion — that health care tied to one’s job does not work. [Thirty-three] million people unemployed and climbing on top of the almost 90 million people who are already underinsured and uninsured. And guess what? They don’t have health care,” she said.

Turner is lying through her teeth, teeth that would become discolored and diseased if the nation were to take her advice and adopt a fully public healthcare system.

However, Turner is a bit late to the party, as no doubt the price for the Sanders endorsement of the Biden campaign was the official adoption of many of his principles and the appointment, if Biden wins, of many officials from the progressive (actually regressive to Albania circa 1967) wing of the party to implement those diktats, perhaps by legal coercion or force if necessary.

Though one must give Turner tactical points for using the Tea Party as an example. Though, she may want to revisit that history a bit. For when the GOP Tea Party revolution took the House in 2010 the GOP, true to form, the party next nominated for president that establishment scion and RINO Mitt Romney for president. No Tea party type was Mr. Romney. The GOP did the same thing after the Gingrich revolution of 1994 that ended over fifty years of Democrat House rule. In 1996 the party nominated big tax acolyte and DC insider, Senator Bob Dole, for president. As we remember, both establishment Republicans lost their races and it was only with the ascension of Donald Trump and MAGA populism that the GOP regained their political mojo.

Given the Democrat Party takes seriously the utter bosh of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib, perhaps what Miss Turner meant was “go crazier.” Though stretched to the limits of sanity already, for Democrats, there is likely room for expanded lunacy. Such is their modern form.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on May 10, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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