Liberal comedienne Samatha Bee bashed the hit pro-life movie “Unplanned” on her “Full Frontal” show on TBS, calling the box office success “anti-choice propaganda” that “no one should see.”

Bee is upset the movie is doing so well, pulling in $7 million opening weekend.

Samantha Bee’s Propaganda

“This weekend anti-choice propaganda movie surprised audiences with a not awful showing at the box office,” Bee said, full of snark. “It’s obviously ridiculous and no one should see it, but the trailer is honestly wonderful.”

“Ordinarily, I wouldn’t waste precious time talking about a movie so bad, it makes ‘A Christmas Prince 2: Royal Wedding’ look like ‘Citizen Kane 2: A Christmas Cane’… but the vice president tweeted about it from his official account, which makes it news,” Bee continued.

“This is incredibly embarrassing, especially when you consider how low our bar is for vice presidents right now,” she said, showing a clip of former Vice President Joe Biden touching a woman.

Bee needs to get a grip.

Why Samantha Bee is So Upset

Unplanned’s box office success last weekend was basically double what most observers and industry insiders expected.

And this happened against all odds. The Political Insider reported:

With virtually no coverage from the mainstream media and being given an R rating – on TOP of its Twitter account being temporarily suspended just as it was released – the film still came in at number five at the box office. Certain cable outlets like the Hallmark Channel and USA Network refused to run advertising for the film.

Have you seen 'Unplanned' yet?

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But despite all these obstacles, Unplanned will potentially have even more eyeballs on it this weekend as the movie’s distributor, Pure Flix, plans to distribute the film to an additional 600 screens nationwide.

Also impressive, the movie ranking website CinemaScore gave the film an A+ and as of now, it has garnered a whopping 93% approval rating on the popular Rotten Tomatoes site.

CinemaScore and Rotten Tomatoes aren’t conservative sites, just regular moviegoer outlets. These high marks should be indicative of the movie’s quality.

Go see the movie and judge for yourself. Even if Samantha Bee doesn’t want you to.