Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ Had a Great Box Office Weekend Despite Liberal Attempts to Bury It

Early Sunday night box office reports indicate that the pro-life movie “Unplanned” released Friday did basically double what it was expected to do, significantly exceeding expectations.

With virtually no coverage from the mainstream media and being given an R rating – on TOP of its Twitter account being temporarily suspended just as it was released – the film still came in at number five at the box office.

Liberal Media Tried to Bury ‘Unplanned’

Certain cable outlets like the Hallmark Channel and USA Network refused to run advertising for the film.

But it’s about to be seen by more moviegoers than ever.

Due to its weekend success, the movie’s distributor, Pure Flix, will reportedly now add an additional 600 screens nationwide.

“Unplanned” did an estimated $6,110,000 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

And it was regular Americans who live outside of big metropolitan cities – that typically lean left – who really put the film over the top.

“The Hollywood Reporter also notes the location of the top box office receipts for Unplanned,” The Blaze reports. “Although it is typical for a film to see the biggest revenue in New York City and Los Angeles, Unplanned‘s top locations were predictably elsewhere.”

“THR reports the top theater was the AMC Northpark 15 in Dallas-Fort Worth, and among the rest of the top 20 were theaters in places like St. Louis, Nashville… you get the picture,” The Blaze notes.

The movie ranking website CinemaScore gave the film an A+ and as of this writing, it has garnered a whopping 93% approval rating on the popular Rotten Tomatoes site.

Game Changer?

Will this pro-life movie’s success be enough to get Hollywood to reconsider that not all of their audience are left-leaning elites who march in lockstep with Democrats and their agenda?

Don’t count on it. But it does show that conservatives can produce quality films that are profitable even without the help of the mainstream press and the many liberal gatekeepers who believe they should determine what ideas and political positions mass audiences should be exposed to.

Let’s hope the newly added 600 screens will take “Unplanned” to even greater heights in weeks come.┬áNot only towards broadening debate and creating more diversity of thought when it comes to entertainment, but in giving a greater voice to the most defenseless among us: the unborn.

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