WATCH: Samantha Bee Plants Crashers at Sean Spicer’s Book Tour

Samantha Bee Sean Spicer

Political comedian Samantha Bee sent her staff members to protest Sean Spicer at events along his book tour. Spicer is traveling both coasts this summer to promote his new book, “The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President.”

Bee’s show, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” pokes fun at the news from a very left-leaning angle. Her protesters first arrived at a Barnes & Noble, where one asked Spicer, “How do you feel about profiting off of lying to the American people?”

The room fell silent. The woman continued, “I mean, you’re making a lot of money. I’m just wondering how you feel about that.” Undeterred from the first event, the Samantha Bee’s show sent planted disruptors to events at Barrington Books and the Rhode Island Country Club. One asked, “Any advice for the young people who want to make a profit from corroding the truth?”

Though the attendees didn’t laugh, Spicer took it all in stride. He even signed a book and took a photo with one of Bee’s staffers.

The Unicorn Suit

At one point in Spicer’s book, he describes Trump as “a unicorn riding a unicorn over a rainbow.” Samantha Bee wanted to call him out on that hyperbole. As a result, she had two staffers dress in a Trump-riding-a-unicorn-over-a-rainbow suit and trot up to a private event at the Rhode Island Country Club. A police officer intercepted the spectacle before they could come inside. Attendees at the swanky event looked equal parts curious and confused.

Spicer’s Reaction

Video footage of Spicer responding the protesters’ questions did not make it past the TBS editors. If you want to see what Spicer really has to say, check out this interview with The Political Insider!

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